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Get a telescoping one, though it may dislodge the trim and distend the frame a little over time. Tie some bands to it and you can get a lot of stuff done.
Boomers/middle aged management who can't run a public institution without pissing away money, but okay. You of all people could appreciate wasteful spending in the Canadian healthcare system, no?
Where did I say she had weekends off? Shes always worked rotating nights/evenings/weekends, her role has been reduced now. Clench harder, dipshit - if you can't see what's aggravating when wasteful spending screws honest people over, I'm not sure you should be criticising people posting in a thread devoted to aggravating things.
She's a charge nurse for her unit with specialised training in the area. Due to union rules, she can't bump out someone junior to her in a lesser role, so her role is getting slashed. She's always had various shifts, that's not the issue - she was told she could quit or get permanently stuck on evenings/weekends despite being the best with the highest qualifications, experience, and tenure... So again, thanks for being an ideal employee for 30+ years, but due to wasteful...
Mom is a charge nurse in a critical care unit with 30 years of experience. Flawless attendance record - 3 sick days in the last 10 years, works her ass off, old world work ethic, etc. She just found out today that due to budget shortfalls largely due to paying part-time graduates full-time pay as an incentive to get them to stay (only to have them leave anyways), she's being re-assigned to permanent nights and weekends. So, thanks for your 30 years of service as an honest...
i like nike dri-fit cotton/poly blend or the adidas "perfect tee" cotton/poly blend. cannot stand lifting in lululemon/"tech"-ey stuff, has to be cotton.
What's a celebgate
No one is enforcing any kind of fitness policy; I'm trying to think of an incentive to get staff to take advantage of paid workout time. There is a colossal difference between leading a horse to water and finding a way to get them to drink versus dunking their heads underwater.
I guess putting too much weight () on the idea of scale weight loss is going to single a particular few people out in a bad way - there's a couple people that are huge and my boss feels like it would be perceived as targeted. Plus I fucking hate the biggest loser and everything associated with it - we are more concerned with reducing occupational injuries; bunch of people here have bad backs, carpal tunnel, ***internal rotation*** etc.
Anyone have ideas for an office fitness incentive? We have a staff of largely inactive people who literally won't work out even when they're paid to - we have a gym in the basement and everyone gets 2h/week paid to get away from their desk and workout, but few people do it. Biggest loser challenge is out as a matter of principle. Boss has tasked me with getting people into it - thinking of putting people into teams, setting up a few set workouts, teams earn points for...
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