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hup holland hup
flossing is quite unpleasant
I know that feel bro. McDonagh gonna be having nightmares about that post forever.
"Lift heavy things a lot"
Boing. Awesome stuff, colours look great. What's your current bucket these days? I think you posted it before. Please tell me you have a vintage Gigeure Whalers jersey to wear all that with...
Pics please
I hope for your sake you don't injure yourself.
Perhaps he was able to lift the gate precisely because it had been weakened by the mammoths.
this is fucking excellent, puts my hobo-gym to shame. wish i had that kind of space.sometimes when i get bored i browse rogue and dream of what my homegym could look like; then i look at the pricetag and go back to kijiji.
Xcom on my phone.
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