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Weed is the ideal substance for lifters,do not understand people ripping pot whilst drinking.
Who are the rhet metalheads?
I knew about DJ Hodor, but drag Hodor is new to me.
Seconding skeen, great ass but those tattoos, ugh. Ink looks like shit 99% of the time on everyone unless they have a proper sleeve or some kind of other comprehensive piece done by a reputable artist. Always smh at people with random shit on random places done by etch-a-sketch. I'd have some done but I'm a giant pussy and also want to remain employable
Get a telescoping one, though it may dislodge the trim and distend the frame a little over time. Tie some bands to it and you can get a lot of stuff done.
Boomers/middle aged management who can't run a public institution without pissing away money, but okay. You of all people could appreciate wasteful spending in the Canadian healthcare system, no?
Where did I say she had weekends off? Shes always worked rotating nights/evenings/weekends, her role has been reduced now. Clench harder, dipshit - if you can't see what's aggravating when wasteful spending screws honest people over, I'm not sure you should be criticising people posting in a thread devoted to aggravating things.
She's a charge nurse for her unit with specialised training in the area. Due to union rules, she can't bump out someone junior to her in a lesser role, so her role is getting slashed. She's always had various shifts, that's not the issue - she was told she could quit or get permanently stuck on evenings/weekends despite being the best with the highest qualifications, experience, and tenure... So again, thanks for being an ideal employee for 30+ years, but due to wasteful...
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