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I just had a eureka moment with 99% lack of elbow/forearm pain. Side note: can't believe how profound chronic pain relief must be for people seriously afflicted with it. Musculocutaneous nerve compression. I've been flossing out radial/ulnar/median/axillary, but not that one - I learned of it watching a random shoulder anatomy video; causes pain in arm flexion and forearm supination. For all of the fucking shit I went through regarding if what I had was elbow...
Great progress szeph, looking lean and mean. Funny that you post that video concept, that channel has a ton of flossing videos that I've used. The radial ones really help me. On that note, there are static positions (not proper nerve floss techniques, juat particular sequences of arm/shoulder flexion/extension) that I can hold on my injured side that provide the same kind of nerve tension feeling that flossing does, while if I do them on my good side, I feel nothing....
Nerve flossing is legit, really helps my elbow Still looks dumb in public tho
If you are pulling and concerned about saving your back/rehabbing an injury, you should not be lifting at an intensity that would require the use of a belt.
i gave up on the clips != magazines thing when everyone in the army called them clips too. non-gun people just dont know/watches "heat" again
two weeks of it? k
where are you getting this "cardio twice weekly = gains gone" thing?
will you stop fucking crying about being a DYEL already? could be much worse, a doctor of all people should be appreciative of his health
be thankful you are mathematically inclined-english majorART helped with my elbow tendinitis/osis/extensor and supinator being fucked. it was probably the single biggest thing driving my rehab; by no means was it the ultimate solution, but in conjunction with simple stuff like stretching, massage, nsaids + flossing etc. it did wonders.obviously i cannot go back in time and evaluate injury rehab without ART, but for some perspective, i bitched about not being able to lift...
I was thinking about weed making you eat like a horse and hence positively affecting recovery
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