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remember when TK said it'd be kinda fun to go full DYEL and see how fast he could get back to jacked knowing what he knows now? time to live vicariously* *no i was never jacked in the first place
i just bought one of those exercise ball chairs for the office, since i have no moneys for an aeron. yep, i'm that guy
Welcome to my world. Look on the bright side - you have the resources available to you to ensure you are properly informed. It would be much worse if you were self-training at a globo-gym, sustained an acute injury requiring a full-stop in training and didn't have access to someone with an informed perspective, let alone the someone with same body type and experience.Fix your perspective right quick, though – it is easy to be depressed about this stuff, I know I was/still...
I just had a eureka moment with 99% lack of elbow/forearm pain. Side note: can't believe how profound chronic pain relief must be for people seriously afflicted with it. Musculocutaneous nerve compression. I've been flossing out radial/ulnar/median/axillary, but not that one - I learned of it watching a random shoulder anatomy video; causes pain in arm flexion and forearm supination. For all of the fucking shit I went through regarding if what I had was elbow...
Great progress szeph, looking lean and mean. Funny that you post that video concept, that channel has a ton of flossing videos that I've used. The radial ones really help me. On that note, there are static positions (not proper nerve floss techniques, juat particular sequences of arm/shoulder flexion/extension) that I can hold on my injured side that provide the same kind of nerve tension feeling that flossing does, while if I do them on my good side, I feel nothing....
Nerve flossing is legit, really helps my elbow Still looks dumb in public tho
If you are pulling and concerned about saving your back/rehabbing an injury, you should not be lifting at an intensity that would require the use of a belt.
i gave up on the clips != magazines thing when everyone in the army called them clips too. non-gun people just dont know/watches "heat" again
two weeks of it? k
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