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Progressing on accessory movements like you've written really is dumb-proof. I love it. 6-8, 8-12, 12-15, 16-20, and 20-??? are all ranges I like working through.
Anyone want she-Powerlifts for their lady? Local Marshalls is selling them for 60 CAD per, or 45 USD.
Can anyone comment on cycling interacting with lifting? Primary goals are to lose fat and not be DYEL, get strength back, etc. But I've picked up a road bike recently and am really enjoying it. I vary depending on the week and the weather, but I'll generally do a few commutes to work, 40min each way per week at a moderate intensity. If not that, I'll do one 1.5hour ride midweek at a moderate intensity. Weekends I'll do a ~2hour cruise, lower intensity but longer...
Deus Ex was amazing and revolutionary for its time. The amount of references to the original in Human Revolution made me so, so, so happy and triggered all the nostalgia feels. Is it bad that I immediately recognized the code for Sarif's elevator in the prologue as the same code for the first keypad you use in the original? 0451.
Cool. Last I saw you had rotator cuff funny business going on? How's that working out / how did you ease yourself into lifting again?
Thanks. I can manage most things with serious compression on my forearm but certain things are definitely still out. The only barbell movement I can tolerate is a front squat so it's lots of bands, db's, and smith machine for me with reps going no lower than fifteen. I've always hated higher rep ranges so now it's kind of nice to have to focus on them.Silver lining... great learning experience: don't injure yourself. Am definitely much more appreciative of being able to...
remember when TK said it'd be kinda fun to go full DYEL and see how fast he could get back to jacked knowing what he knows now? time to live vicariously* *no i was never jacked in the first place
i just bought one of those exercise ball chairs for the office, since i have no moneys for an aeron. yep, i'm that guy
Welcome to my world. Look on the bright side - you have the resources available to you to ensure you are properly informed. It would be much worse if you were self-training at a globo-gym, sustained an acute injury requiring a full-stop in training and didn't have access to someone with an informed perspective, let alone the someone with same body type and experience.Fix your perspective right quick, though – it is easy to be depressed about this stuff, I know I was/still...
New Posts  All Forums: