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Good to know. How does the intensity vary for you from day-to-day? Week-to-week? Do you alternate light/heavy or how does your coach go about it?
The police auctions where I am are a ripoff - its not necessarily a great deal. YMMV though. Daily training is really helping the elbow heal I think. I had Sat, Sun, Mon off lifting and by Tuesday morning my elbow and shoulder felt like hell. Have done a bench day and squat day since then and I feel great. It might be worth greasing the groove on the weekends to keep me mobile.
Orient yourself with some brand names, cruise kijiji and plug in whatever you find into http://www.bicyclebluebook.com/. Haggle if the prices don't line up, repeat if necessary. I got this for a few hundred bucks, seems good. But then again I don't know anything about bikes so I don't have a point of reference... at least this way I know I didn't get ripped off.
Those B&B tees look great - thanks for that. Also, Henrik Lundqvist.
What kind of tees have you guys been having luck with? I have a couple Uniqlo ones that VLSI (does he still post here) kindly donated my way some time ago, but despite all being tagged size L, they all fit wildly different. Is there a tee that: - Is cheap (~30?) - Has raglan sleeves or wider shoulder seam - Longer, hits mid-ass point instead of sitting on the hips - Not high enough armholes / slim sleeves to be a complete bro-shirt, but also not low-enough armholes /...
That's.... unexpected
Yep. I plan on alternating between front squats and SSB squats as needed as they don't irritate my elbow much. Just starting with ten easy singles every day and going from there. This is on top of the light 4x/week volume stuff I'm already doing, so this might be a terrible idea, might not. I also need to actually find a not-terrible SSB first, so it's just front squats for now.FWIW, I had/still have a minor medial collateral tear, tendinitis and tendinosis. I think I...
Well, I only ate 4 eggs for breakfast today, in a tsp. of butter. Progress!Also, I am back on the every day squats. Feel free to quote this post and call me a dumbass should I ever do something stupid and hurt myself again.Cool. Do you have any recs for a particular model or price range to stay in? Do you have the 179 Anova one quoted there?
All fair points. Only problem is I am on a pretty strict budget at this point (engagement ring + wedding + car died ) and pork is pretty much the only meat I can afford to eat. Ground/whole chicken was on sale this week and I splurged a bit, but most days I am eating pork tenderloin. Looks like dropping my beloved 6 eggs in butter breakfast is the first step and going with egg whites is the sensible and obvious option, lol.OV - could you expand on the "source of the fat"...
On the diet note, how in the hell do people manage to eat less fat? My current macro ratio for the day is looking like 49% fat, 39% protein and 12% carbs (110g, 200g, and 63g respectively) and that's it for my daily cals. Obviously "lol don't eat 6 eggs in butter for breakfast fatboy" but I'm having trouble sticking to only one scoop of whey per day otherwise.Heh, no worries. FWIW I was speaking about accessory movements - big lift progression is it's own area for sure,...
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