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doing singles is fun and practical though
disregard dropping lifting days for swimming, unless you're totally unconditioned for it. i made better progress swimming 5x/week while lifting 4x/week than i did without, but i've been swimming for a long time and my strokes are mega efficient.
i had a bigger back when i was doing two sets of pullups, chinups, inverted rows to failure with 3x10 deads 1x/week with facepulls on pressing days than i was when i was hyperanalyzing when to slot in high rep horizontal / low rep vertical or high rep vertical / low rep horizontal rowing on particular days of the week and what movements to do when blah blah whatever. and yeah yohimbine works well, its certainly not needed but if you want to go down that road nothing is...
Yeah, interested to see how Teravainen turns out. Hyped up to be the 2nd coming of Jesus by Hawks fans but even if he can get to a Granlund-like level on that Hawks team, they're good.
Not encouraging first moves coming from a new GM. I'd be more worried about the future damage he'll do if he's dishing out contracts like that to Orpik and Niskanen. At least those guys can play hockey though. Still trying to wrap my head around how a face-puncher like Engelland earns 3m/year, or how Bollig is worth a 3rd rounder for that matter. Thank goodness Calgary has cap space to burn. I am fucking pumped to see Hiller's Koho swag in Calgary colours. Hillers masks...
Ridiculously awful contract, but dat truculence
I actually ditched my sansa clip for my phone because runkeeper. Also I'm OCD about running to something withthe same BPM the whole time so my cadence stays steady, no shuffling required. Works pretty well, I keep my pace in time with the music and adjust my stride to speed up or slow down. Pretty sure I've memorised netsky's bbc essential mix by now, so good to run to. Endorphin rush is great. I don't mind the shorter runs, I can usually power through on feels, its just...
That Orpik signing sorry gort. Happy with Calgary's moves. Don't care too much for Raymond but I like the Hiller signing. Mad that Cammy didn't resign in Calgary, but it wasn't unexpected. Love the Engelland signing... More pugnacity and truculence.
Anyone else here use voodoo floss? I've been wrapping my ankles and calves before running and it does a great job of loosening me up and preventing that ankle burn for the first few kms. Did 13km in 1:15 last night - about 5:45/km average. Pace dropped near the end, but it felt good to keep it sub 6 for so long.
Genetics /ducks rotten tomato thrown by TK
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