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Yes. It's ridiculous. Yesterday some guy asked "hey I want to get strong but not big so I want to get stronger and leaner" and the thread devolved into "do Starting Strength or Stronglifts while eating in a calorie deficit" Yeah, 3x/week squatting 3-5x5 on a linear progression for a beginner in a calorie deficit! What could possibly go wrong?Good to hear. I am at the point where as long as I don't do anything stupid, I can more or less do 80% of what I want to do. What was...
TBH I think I largely enjoy reading about it more than anything. It annoys me how dogmatic and thickheaded fitness people can be when it comes to speaking in absolutes so reading something like Squat Every Day that questions commonly-accepted notions like supercompensation is pretty interesting to me. That and the whole Eastern system of training kids from a young age and "growing" them in the system. Nifty stuff. As far as actually implementing high frequency in a way...
My favourite is how badly everyone there is on Rippetoes's jock. I think you could post there asking what you should eat for breakfast and someone would somehow reference SS in their answer.
On that note, I recently started browsing /r/fitness.More than anything, it makes me feel bad for the years of being a loudmouth know-it-all DYEL parroting shit I read somewhere else on the internet...
Bet he's pretty DYEL right now, hope your wife gets him on GOMAD asap.Jokes aside, congrats!
You are at Dan Green's gym, right? How many famous lifters have been through there?
Cool. You must feel awesome after some of those days, lol. I appreciate you looking into it. TBH I am not diving into it full-on as I was before at this point for obvious reasons, but I am still incorporating some kind of daily squat to at least grease the groove. Any perspective from the gurus of that philosophy is great. IIRC the first time around I would alternate heavy belted low-bar squats with lighter no-belt HB, front squats, or SSB squats. I’m pretty sure I did...
Depends on what you're able to do, but I really enjoy Meadows rows if you're looking for a 1-arm variation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY4YjAHcWrw
Smith machines get a bad rap due to the dumb stuff people tend to do in them, but they're really quite useful in the case of injury or the lack of other equipment. Bent rows, reverse bench/guillotine/other bench variations, BTN presses, etc - all good stuff that can be done.
Good to know. How does the intensity vary for you from day-to-day? Week-to-week? Do you alternate light/heavy or how does your coach go about it?
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