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Ftfy. I think AV should've stayed and MG should've gotten the boot last year.The Sedin signings look awful now that they've both fallen off a cliff. Brutal mishandling of the Lu/Schneider thing, too. It wasnt any fault of AV or Torts to have the team go from Cup finals to the golf course in three years.
What, why
I can not get the hang of GHRs. Gym location 1 had the type with rotating thigh pads and the knee rest. Location 2 just has the footplate and the pads do t rotate at all. 2nd one is much harder. Not sure about the ROM... Will post a video.
Poliquins 1-6 principle. Cool stuff, and it works. Nice benching:)
killing yourself
Found some selvage 501 stfs for 40bux today at marshalls, pretty happy I found them. Also found some pretty sweet fila compression-type shorts that dont outline my balls when I'm squatting; always a plus in a gym that's 95% women in group classes. Training around the elbow has resulted in some pretty funny looking movements... I look like I'm doing bondage exercises. Doing rear Delt flyes, pullovers and rows on a cable machine with stirrups fastened above the elbow looks...
They had to get their damn 8 game skid broken against my Flames. Really wanted to see Burke get the win there as a middle finger to Bell/Rogers/MLSE. So excited for the first round of the playoffs here's hoping Iggy and the Bruins win it.
I think the anti-squartz bandwagon response topped out with that functional strength comic eason posted some time ago
I think the whole lol squats thing jumped the shark awhile ago
It was the most bland and boring game ive ever played. Props to the devs for trying something story driven, but having an engaging story and having interesting gameplay should not be an either/or situation.The original BioShock is a prime example. Stupendous story with a great twist, awesome setting/atmosphere/art direction and solid gameplay. Running through a snoozer 3rd person shooter in the most generic of settings is not excused by a near-exact ripoff of a Conrad...
New Posts  All Forums: