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i took it as such. what a nut-kick that ending was.not going to lie, i re-watched that a couple times to flush the ending out of my head. [[SPOILER]]
honestly feel queasy after that one, even though i knew it was coming. ugh.
fuck what has been seen...
Knife in the heart for Chicago... only fitting that it would be a crappy bounce in that game.
2009 BoO x Sperry wool chukka. Worn for 6months then boxed, 8/10. Size 10. This is the version with speedhooks. Asking $50 OBO plus shipping. Not big on shipping shoes but realistically they aren't getting anymore wear so I'm willing to meet someone halfway price-wise. Name your price, give me your location and I'll get you a shipping quote. Coming from Canada so Canucks get a deal.
Creases due to being folded in my closet for a year. Prices include shipping. RRL Low Straight tag 32x34, "Spring Creek 2" wash. $100 My most favourite denim ever. Selvedge, awesome wash and detailing, unaltered. Washed and worn, 9/10. Measurements: W: 17.25 FR:10.5 T: 12 K: 8.5 H: 8 I: 33.5 APC New Standard, indigo, tag 33, raw. $75 You know the deal here. Hemmed, worn a handful of times and washed. 9.5/10. Slight fades coming through but these have their entire...
http://www.roguecanada.ca/the-armaid.php pretty sure i've seen something like that in a bdsm video
ran 11.2km today, ouch. feels pretty good and ***functional*** though, dat not getting winded when running up the stairs feel. now i can ride my high-horse past all of those lumbering powerlifters who gasp for breath when they reach for the top shelf to get some twinkies. how come i can massage the shit out of my serratus anterior superior, be elbow pain-free for 5 minutes, then have it come back 10 minutes later?
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