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Gonna make like NOBD Really happy with this - probably my best run ever which is pretty good considering I didn't feel to great going into it. I managed to push the pace (for me) pretty well during the fast interval, though I tailed off a little. Very close to getting sub-5:00/km over 5km and I got 5km in around 26:00, so the first time sub-30min without feeling like I was doing to die afterwards.
ran 8km in 43:38 tonight, and hit the 5km mark at 26:00. feels great getting faster and having more endurance; ive never run 5km in less than 30minutes before without feeling like i was going to die right after. dat endorphin feel when you hit your second wind right as the best part of your favourite drum n bass mix kicks in and you start dusting your pace.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFntjl5S_m0 Thieves are human garbage. I don't know what pisses me off so much about people steaing, but it drives me fucking bananas. Say what you will about police spending resources on a bike theft sting, but man is it ever nice to see an asshole like this get nabbed.
dunno about all you guys but i'm more interested in croatian women than the dudes myself serious though, my gf's best friend is off-the-boat croatian and she's a knockout. she was showing us vacation pics from the beach there and it was unreal. damned southwestern ontario and its plain-ass white girls everywhere... got dem 100% dutch genes going back forever, first one in my family to be born in canada. all my uncles are gigantic 6'6" farmers but i somehow missed the...
Nothing can be worse than the Y2K business. Or, for something truly cringe-worthy, check out the Ducks' first home game ceremony. Callahan's deal is 3 years too long, but looks like both Tampa and NY got what they wanted - NYR got a SCF appearance, and TB gets a boatload of picks. Gabby cashed in big - he picked a hell of a time to beast in the playoffs. Huge joke on Lombardi if Gabby continues to be a bandaid, but with the cap going up by a lot in 7 years time, 5mil...
soon you will be a 1%er unjustly making money off the backs of the poor, lighting cigars with bills and cackling as the 99% starve in the streets
set of these for 50 bux. another kijiji win, not another smith-machine-and-400-lbs-of-plate-for-300 bux win, but good enough
I agree 100% but also think this is largely "reddit is full of idiot insecure nerd neckbeard assholes" more than "bb vs pl."
Keeps my mind in a good space. No physical activity = sad jarude. That, plus being an ex-smoker, neglecting cardio my whole life and having my dad come down with some lung issues has got me running. I'm much more partial to lifting, but an elbow injury has kept me out of that, so I have to do something...
Uh oh, stronglifts is in an iPhone fitness commercial. Prepare for the shark to be jumped
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