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http://www.roguefitness.com/nike-romaleos-2 http://www.roguefitness.com/nike-romaleos-2-red-weightlifting-shoes black and red romaleo's on sale for 149 on that note, if i wanted a nicer pair of shoes in the future, how2pick between adipowers or romaleos? no way to try them on, sizing i wouldnt be worried about, but i suppose i'd have to suck up return fees to see what i liked best. white adipowers win on aesthetics and i like my adidas stuff but my frees are still the...
recent kijiji flips: hi/lo pulley / lat pulldown - bought for $40, sold for $200 560lb assorted steel/cement standard 1" plate - bought for $20, sold for $250 50lb powerblocks - bought for 150, sold for 250 another nautilus smith + 205lbs olympic + f/i/d bench for 400, sold the bench for 200, 205lbs for 150 - hello $50 smith machine/pulley system! squat stands - bought for 50, sold for 200 got 1250, spent 660, so i made $550 bux and got a smith machine for free. small...
You're either blind or looking at the wrong girl. Dem thighs
holy shizzzzz crossfit games female winner. ATHLETE: CAMILLE LEBLANC-BAZINET - french canadian woman. dat accent what is with crossfit ladies, do not understand. this girl is smokin
Injury brahs: Five weeks of ART, nerve gliding, ice and nsaids have gotten me to a point where if I pop some aleve I'm able to work through full ROM 98% pain free. I get some sensation, but no pain. ART guy is doing a reassessmemt this Saturday and hopefully prescribing some rehabby type stuff i can work on. Obviously I will defer to him when it comes to what/what not to do, but what have other people's experience been with working back into things from an injury? Clearly...
1 Yeah, I've taught for a decade or so. Part time in school, and now I help run a private swim school on the side
ran 10 miles
Nice. Just did 10km in 55:00 on the dot which is what I was aiming for... Except the race is still 3 weeks out. I think with some more training, race day jitters and busting my ass on the day of, I could make 53 and change.
hit my target time for my 10km run three weeks early. did it in 55:00 exactly with not too much difficulty and a bit of a slow start. i think a few more weeks of training + race day feels will put me at 53:00. pretty shit time for an actual runner, but for someone who went from the couch in april, dying after 3.5km, this is pretty cool.
OK – quick and dirty progression for front crawl. Depends on how good you are, but even if you can sorta-kinda do it with whack breathing, start from the beginning. The key to all of this is staying relaxed all the time, no tension, learning how to sink (yes), smooth breathing – try not to suck wind when breathing, do it slow and steady and learn how to stay relaxed instead of forcing it. You’ll look like a dumbshit 6 year old doing this stuff when learning, but it’s akin...
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