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That Orpik signing sorry gort. Happy with Calgary's moves. Don't care too much for Raymond but I like the Hiller signing. Mad that Cammy didn't resign in Calgary, but it wasn't unexpected. Love the Engelland signing... More pugnacity and truculence.
Anyone else here use voodoo floss? I've been wrapping my ankles and calves before running and it does a great job of loosening me up and preventing that ankle burn for the first few kms. Did 13km in 1:15 last night - about 5:45/km average. Pace dropped near the end, but it felt good to keep it sub 6 for so long.
Genetics /ducks rotten tomato thrown by TK
oh dont get me wrong, both are entirely different kinds of suck and equally unpleasant. i am just being bitter about running lol
at least a big set is done within a minute or two. running is unpleasant for an hour+.
scored some brand new powerblocks for 150 bucks, woop
I'm really bummed the Flames didn't get Draisatl - big skilled centres in the Getzlaf mold are hard to come by. He'll add much needed size to the Oilers top six. Ah, who am I kidding - the Oilers are going to ruin him.
Yay, draft night. I wonder what the big splash will be. I think the nucks did pretty well with the Kesler trade.
Gonna make like NOBD Really happy with this - probably my best run ever which is pretty good considering I didn't feel to great going into it. I managed to push the pace (for me) pretty well during the fast interval, though I tailed off a little. Very close to getting sub-5:00/km over 5km and I got 5km in around 26:00, so the first time sub-30min without feeling like I was doing to die afterwards.
ran 8km in 43:38 tonight, and hit the 5km mark at 26:00. feels great getting faster and having more endurance; ive never run 5km in less than 30minutes before without feeling like i was going to die right after. dat endorphin feel when you hit your second wind right as the best part of your favourite drum n bass mix kicks in and you start dusting your pace.
New Posts  All Forums: