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voodoo bands seem to be helping. i can't fully flex without pain but i can rotate my forearm between pro/supination while my elbow is at 90 without pain now. i used to get pain in the outside of the elbow when i supinated, but thats gone after a couple days. hopefully this "gapping" or whatever lingo k-star has propagated actually has merit to it.join me in the elbow injury feels club and start running. shit sucks balls but at least once in awhile you get those endorphin...
good thing i didn't make any bets. great ep, satisfying end to this season. can't believe its done already. some wasted screen time in a few spots but overall it was pretty enjoyable.
no, just an extra 15 minutes
smart money says lady stoneheart is the big reveal at the end of the season
ca5illa5 lol
dat van persie header. man did it ever feel good to see them humiliate spain after 2010. are you dutch?at least i dont need a superfriend to brush my teeth for me /kstarside note, that book is so full of self-affirming circlejerk shit its hard to read. he may know his stuff - or not, given that whole contentious knees-out-squatting thing - but man is it ever irritating to read something from someone who perhaps thinks a little too highly of himself
hup holland hup
flossing is quite unpleasant
I know that feel bro. McDonagh gonna be having nightmares about that post forever.
"Lift heavy things a lot"
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