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Pics please
I hope for your sake you don't injure yourself.
Perhaps he was able to lift the gate precisely because it had been weakened by the mammoths.
this is fucking excellent, puts my hobo-gym to shame. wish i had that kind of space.sometimes when i get bored i browse rogue and dream of what my homegym could look like; then i look at the pricetag and go back to kijiji.
Xcom on my phone.
One RMT and one physio. I don't have any perspective on what "good" is outside of the fact that my RMT has fixed me before, but I think he's outlived his usefulness at this point since he's failed to find a few points I've found on my own.I found someone local to do ART, but am done with massage in general otherwise. As far as finding a different physio its an expensive shot in the dark. GPs have been/are/always will be useless. Tricky to find someone "good" when you're...
Yeah my shoulders are a little imbalanced, I'll dig them up when I'm home. There is a teres minor trigger point (I think) that refuses to improve and hurts like a bastard when I theracane it, but a good half hour of kneading on it affords me about 60 seconds of 100% bliss... Not sure what that means. I feel like it would've cleared up by now if it was the trigger point causing anything, or if its some satellite injury site that pressing on provides relief despite not...
Thanks for the perspective. I feel like I've finally gotten over the guilt-compulsion to lift and have accepted that it's going to take time, but it still gets to me once in awhile. I really don't want to be left with any long-term injuries so I'm going to have to suck up the fact that it could be a year or longer before I can back to it.How did you approach rehab when you got serious about it? Daily routines, activities you avoided, etc. I realize all injuries are...
That was a real snoozer of an ep.
I just got to the time off thing. Hurt myself in late October, kept training through it until January, stuck to squatting only until April or so and now it's been a few weeks or a month since I've lasted lifted. It's progressed a lot from its worst point; I had a brace on daily and had a hard time doing anything with it. I'm at the point where I don't experience pain if I'm not gripping anything, but as soon as I grip, my forearm/elbow hurt like hell. I've stuck with...
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