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Now I just have hilarious size imbalances to deal with, lol. All good.
My first attempt was honey garlic chicken thighs and I started laughing right after the first bite because they were so good. Just reheated some bone-in skin-on CB's for lunch and they were still pretty juicy. Took awhile to find one on sale but I got a Sansaire for 169 CAD. You weren't kidding when you said it was a God-tier appliance.
I can squat 225x5x5 again, no elbow pain I can deadlift 245x5x5 again, no elbow pain I can bench 135x5x5 again, no elbow pain Never thought I'd be excited over 2 plate lifts/1 plate bench but lifting pain free is still surreal. Also, sous-vide has changed my life.
Is there a more awkward lift than the barbell hack squat? I don't know how people do it without having their knees explode
I haven't spent money on clothes in a long-ass time. I bought a leather jacket in Florence this summer for a few hundred euro and an RL buttondown at Marshall's in April, and that's it. Working a 9-5 office job where maybe 10% of people put effort into their appearance tends to suck the life out of having nice clothes.I did dig out some old Gap chinos from my closet and they fit incredibly well for about three weeks until squats happened again.
Fifteen minutes ago, I just listened to two of my employees complain about how they need to lose weight. One is now noisily eating a bag of chips. The other just mentioned that "it's a chocolate kind of day" and is eating a mint smoothie.
Yup. It's funny how much of a difference a more suitable stance can make.
Yeah I'm terrified about the sleep thing. Realistically, kids are about 3 years out, but.. ugh. Nephews are staying with us this week and they all decided to wake up at 4:30 today and it's bad enough for one day, I can't imagine that being my waking life for years at a time. Sleep deprivation was the worst thing in the army. 48 hours in and I started seeing Coke machines on wagons coming out of the fog (0).
I think the Brad Pitt thing is more about beginners not understanding lifting. It's them being told to lift if they want to look like him instead of doing pushups and going for a run afterwards, only to have them say "I don't want to look like Arnold" as if getting huge overnight just happens as soon as you pick up a barbell. No, not everyone has to be a powerlifter, but if you want to look like a famous shirtless celebrity then there's a good chance some amount of...
Yeah... drastic cutting doesn't sound too appealing, lol. I'll probably just focus on getting some more sun beforehand since I'm pretty happy with how I look. This was 5 weeks ago, vacation in Italy in full give-no-fucks mode with pasta and gelato 3x/day: This is today: Doesn't really count since this was immediately after an upper workout, but I'm feeling pretty good where I am. Probably about 75% compliance to a deficit across the last 5 weeks. Currently 177lb,...
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