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OK – quick and dirty progression for front crawl. Depends on how good you are, but even if you can sorta-kinda do it with whack breathing, start from the beginning. The key to all of this is staying relaxed all the time, no tension, learning how to sink (yes), smooth breathing – try not to suck wind when breathing, do it slow and steady and learn how to stay relaxed instead of forcing it. You’ll look like a dumbshit 6 year old doing this stuff when learning, but it’s akin...
Give me 20 mins i teach u
Fuck man, that's terrible . Get well soon and I hope they catch the fucker.
taking a week off of running hurts pretty good. had an apathy stretch where i did a total of 5km in two weeks and then jumped right back into it with 14x400m sprints tonight, which turned out to be 12km with warmup and cooldown. feels good to be back in it again, race is in less than a month.fuji you should have at least given yourself a month lolhows your biceps tendonitis? strong pressing
2 days is nothing don't be a bitch
My car is still going strong, 03 jetta TDI, come at me 1000km/tank mileage. Still drives awesome, about to roll over 300km on it. Body is getting rough now though; every summer I have to sandblast the rust out.
Yeah probably never going to drive anything other than a VW
My boss is semi retired and works 3days/week. Lambo one day, Ferrari the next, different lambo the day after. Forever mirin
yeah i said "calorie surplus" to my girlfriend once when she asked why her butt was expanding from squatting 3x/week a few years ago. didn't go well.
Cool. I visited Holland when I was a wee lad and got some Feyenoord-branded souvenir since Ajax was #1 at the time and I wanted to root for the underdog... looks like the decision has been made!I need to read more into how the leagues work; I have no concept of how any of it goes about. Nothing wrong with following the Dutchmen in other leagues I suppose, even if Bayern Munich is the evil empire.
New Posts  All Forums: