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What's the standard jeans/pants rec for squatting thighs these days? Seems like Kierin cuts are a thing of the past.
Haha, I remember your ridiculous leanness IF days. I don't mind muscle gain being at a disadvantage. I've managed to maintain or even make slight gains while cutting for the last month, but with Mexico being 5 weeks away I'd rather do as much as possible to get lean now and then worry about gains after.
Got some ECA on the way. Thinking about changing my daily routine so instead of eating breakfast first thing in the AM then lifting before my 8-4 job, I would fast all day/dose ECA, snack at 3, lift at 4, eat between 5-11. Id have an hour lunch at 12 where id be twiddling my thumbs, but other than that it seems like the best way to get a good fast in. Anyone else try fasting through the day?
Are Kierin cuts not a thing anymore? Finally have enough dollars in the clothes budget to justify buying nice pants and they're discontinued. I see there's jeans going by the same name, but they're branded as "relaxed fit" and don't have a hem measurement which worries me, not to mention the site looks like a bad ripoff.
Sous-vide has turned pork tenderloin from the worst of all meat cuts to something superb. Did it at 140 for 4 hours with nothing other than salt, pepper, and steak spice and it came out a juicy medium that came apart like pulled pork. Delicious and cheap to boot.
Now I just have hilarious size imbalances to deal with, lol. All good.
My first attempt was honey garlic chicken thighs and I started laughing right after the first bite because they were so good. Just reheated some bone-in skin-on CB's for lunch and they were still pretty juicy. Took awhile to find one on sale but I got a Sansaire for 169 CAD. You weren't kidding when you said it was a God-tier appliance.
I can squat 225x5x5 again, no elbow pain I can deadlift 245x5x5 again, no elbow pain I can bench 135x5x5 again, no elbow pain Never thought I'd be excited over 2 plate lifts/1 plate bench but lifting pain free is still surreal. Also, sous-vide has changed my life.
Is there a more awkward lift than the barbell hack squat? I don't know how people do it without having their knees explode
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