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you're not squatting enough
Yep. Two days in and we're getting legit playoff hockey. I tapped out at the end of 2OT last night, but good to see Miller pull it out. For an organisation to bank so much on a guy like him only to get matched up against the Hawks and have him in a slump is brutal. Didn't catch any of Kings v Sharks but from the replays it looked like Quick had a good number of stupendous saves to go along with his bed-shitting, lol. Props to MacKinnon in the Avs-Wild game; for an 18...
http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/one_shrug_to_rule_them_all Ive been doing these as my only discrete upper movement. I'm unable to use a clean grip due to my elbow so I've been working up from 135 with my arms fully extended. Pretty finicky but I can feel it through the whole upper back; give them a try if you're looking for a new shrug variation. I love front squarts. Going to have that oly lifter dyel physique come summer. Anyone have any...
Habs and Lightning off to a physical start, and Fleury being Fleury. Love playoff hockey.
I wouldn't say "grow" but rather "atrophied less." Lower traps mostly
After a few weeks of only front squatting and ghrs, my thighs are just about as wide as my shoulders (0). I'm pleasantly surprised by the effect front squats have had on my upper back, though. Pitiful compared to doing literally any meaningful rowing but I'm sorta-kinda hanging on to whatever I had going on before.
"50-60% of 'X' RM is pointless" is so indescribably vague its hard to pass judgement on without having some kind of context. 50% of 100RM? yeah.. maybe if we're talking about a standard rep range in a powerlifting/powerbuilding/aesthetics context, its a silly statement that completely disregards goals, injuries/limitations, programming, etc as well as contradicting the experience and results of people much bigger and stronger than the vast majority of lifters...
Round 1 West COL > MIN CHI > STL ANA > DAL SJS > LAK East BOS > DET MTL > TBL PIT > CBJ PHI > NYR Round 2 West CHI > COL SJS > ANA East BOS > MTL PHI > PIT Round 3 West CHI > SJS East BOS > PHI SCF BOS > CHI Got my tickets for Game 4 BOS-DET at the Joe Louis I'm excited to actually watch a decent team play live given that I've only been to DET-CGY x2 and TOR-FLA in the past few years. Hopefully I don't end up wearing somebody's beer while cheering for Iggy...
He has a bit role in Batman Begins. I watched that after seeing GoT and had an impulse reaction to punch my TV.
Oh lord if the Flames win the draft lottery... Ekblad this year, bottom out, McDavid the next. A man can dream Doesn't matter where the Oil pick. If you can't escape the basement after 3 1st overalls in 4 years, yikes.
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