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Thanks everyone for the advice. Kinda surprised at the amount of people that suggested Bristol .. Will definitely look into it. Right now we are quite keen on Edinburgh. Any Edinburgh residents out there that could offer some information?
Brighton was also a consideration. Proximity to London and the sea is a big plus, but rent prices in Brighton seem quite high as well (still almost twice as much vs northern England and Scotland)
Having lived in Montreal and Auckland we're looking for somewhere most like Montreal and LEAST like Auckland. Montreal was exciting and easy to get around and we've found Auckland to be a boring, sprawled, inconvenient, expensive shithole (sorry Aucklanders). My first choice would be Edinburgh based solely on the architecture and culture but my worry is that it is a bit small and opportunities might be limited. Manchester's new BBC development could be a good opportunity...
Im planning a move to the UK within the next 6 months with my future spouse. We're trying to get a good idea of which city we will settle into as we won't have a huge amount of funds to travel around before hand. I am a sound engineer and she is a graphic designer. So far we have basically narrowed it down to three possibilities: London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Some factors that are important to us are: Cost of living/housing, public transport (we don't want to need a...
Prices are shipped CONUS, Canada for extra. Paypay only. Thanks! WWM Flannel size XS... 50$ shipped Rag & Bone RB 23 JAY indigo wash Jeans size 30... 50$ shipped Hit me up for more info!
I was just looking at these ones. They look quite suitable, although slightly on the higher end of my price range. Im really just trying to get an idea of whats there for now. Will worry about specifics later. If I find a place in centre city, its doubtful a car would be necessary. How is Auckland for cyclists? Thanks!
A loft style place for 350 a week would be pretty ideal. Thats probably the most we could afford as a start. Are there other places to look? All the stuff on trademe seems all the same. Thanks!
What is the most affordable of these suburbs? I dont need anything luxurious as my budget would probably be under 300/week although I really dont want to live in a closet sized studio. Some kind of townhouse/triplex kindof building would be nice, if these exist in auckland? Used cars seem like they can be acquired pretty cheap on trademe, what are registration fees and petrol prices like? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I would fight it. Plead not guilty and ask for a court date. Ask the officer all sorts of questions about calibration of the gun, training with it, where did he aim at etc. More than likely he's not going to remember . Yah theyre not going to bother with that. Its a speeding ticket, it will cost you like 250$ and will be done with
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