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Are there places that we know the fragment 1's are gonna be on sale at? Other than End...
Ugh why are these jacquard socks so big for size 8 feet. Also tried out the dry fit slim pants, only seat is slim, hem not so much. Button down denim shirts are basically thin dyed chambray style shirts. Perfect for summer. New slim fit Oxfords seem less in quality than the first batch a yr ago, but the fit is pretty good.
The gitmans on Gilt... anyone know if those are vintage or from the regular line? 30% sale just began.
How are the new slim sweatpants looking/fitting?
Help with sizing on cannon model? Thinking the 7uk may work? 7.5 Alden trubal 40 CP Achilles 8/8.5 Nike
Does anyone have the Leffot suede wingtip boot in plaza? Pics in action?
Peale for CJ for BB cordovan
Cordovan looks dressy to me...
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