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Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 +1 Seriously, do we have to do this every week? Like I said, I am mostly on Sufu so I am not familiar with his history. I think that styleforum is just too nice. People need to talk a little more shit! This place is like TFS for dudes. I will return to lurking now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Temp - 15c & sunny, WOW it's great to be back from SIN & the humidity! Days Agenda - Sunday, brunch with friends & celebrating the WALLOPING the All Blacks experienced from the WALLABIES.. Shame about Cadel, next year! Vest - 4B 'quilted puffer' style. Plaid, carbon background with grey, white, orange & black plaid. (CARHARTT) Sweater - Brown Moss, v-neck, with chocolate suede elbow patches,...
Any updates on the sexsc06 or the iron heart black denim shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by nvizible Hi, Voila today's outfit: Any opinions welcome. - Dom Your hair looks nice. I can't stand those kind of belts, makes me think of thrift stores (in a bad way). Shirt seems ok (though I don't like how you rolled the cuffs), but the pants look awful. I would choose slim navy chinos and a braided leather belt. And the pants worn at the hips, not at the waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by samurai If you don't feel good about it stop doing it. Unless you don't ever want to be in a real relationship. hah! That reminds me one time when I was a teenager. I tried to quit masturbating.
I can sympathize with the original poster. If I hook up right away, I sometimes become less interested. I don't feel that I lose respect for her, but she seems like less of a mystery to me somehow. This doesn't happen all the time, but it has caused me to break it off early with a couple girls. I don't think I'm being a dick about it, hating her for giving me what I asked for. Rather, I feel somehow instinctively that it is my job to chase the woman, and the woman's...
the upcoming self edge x sugar cane is supposed to be a loosely woven "summer denim"
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Have done it, will do it again - apcs too even.
I have redwing 1908s, the ones with the moc toe and I really like them. I want another pair of boots and I'm also choosing between the GT and White's. I have been eyeing the white's for some time. I like the lower toebox profile on the white's, compared to the GTs. Ideally I would like a black roughout single leather sole with cat's paw on top of that. Where can you buy white's boots online? Stronghold sells them for $440 which I believe is just a tad overpriced...
Quote: Originally Posted by bob xchen there's something screwy with your left shoulder man. I like your last fit btw. agreed. He is extremely unbalanced. I think he needs physical exercise, with a focus on chest and shoulders. I cringe every time I see a pic of him.
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