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So what I meant to say the other day before I just gave up on trying to edit the post was that I recently ordered a pair of LL Bean 8 inch duck boots, which might be the most bang I've ever gotten out of any buck. So far they've endured the heaviest of Southern rain and deepest of Midwest snow to great success. Keep my feet warm and dry and don't look too bad either.
A "gentleman" isn't necessarily defined by driving a nice ass car. A true gentleman buys a car he can actually afford to pay for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steggy i wear my pants at the top of my ass i suppose. whatever the OP has his at basically. i always feel goofy if i wear it right below the belly button. though i mostly only wear jeans or khaki's while most of you older gents wear your don corleone suits and whatnot. I feel goofy both mentally and physically. To me, there is something particularly uncomfortable about wearing pants that hug your stomach right...
Just got the suit today. The suit fits very true to the size proportions they give and I'm happy with the quality. Not sure that I would have originally paid $1200 for it, but for $460, well worth it. After a trim here and there by my tailor I think it will turn out to be pretty dashing.
Rembrandt's premium with peroxide has quite the price tag for a small tube of toothpaste, but I feel like I seriously just left the dentist after using it.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Yes, pocket squares and handkerchiefs are different animals.To paraphrase the old saw,one is for showing and one is for blowing. For one thing,handkerchiefs do not have the rolled edges which are a strong part of the PS's appeal. The point I was trying to make was that buying white handkerchiefs was a cheap way to tinker with the look. A silk pocket square > white handkerchief from Wal-mart. It was just a...
If you really want to just play with the look, you can go to a place like Target and get a pack of white handkerchiefs. Extremely inexpensive, like 12 for $4. If you need to sneeze into something, you'll still have 11 more in the drawer at home.
Per recommendation of a best friend, I started taking coral calcium. The dosage from my bottle is 1000 mg per serving, and it's worked pretty well. I understood it to act as a "leveler" with acid or pH in the body. Basically, my face is MUCH less oily (probably around 80% less). If you're having a problem with a greasy face, try coral calcium. You can get it @ any drug store/Wal-Mart kind of place.
just ordered a suit this afternoon from them. this is my first purchase from hickey. i'll post again once it arrives to give any first impressions. ordered a 38r (5'9 148 lbs.,) was never a huge fan of brown suits until i came across this one...
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