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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger btw the no exchange /return is bullshit, i've returned super marked down sale area products many times So how did you smooth talk the cust. service people into taking it back?
Just to play devil's advocate: If one dresses "for oneself," aren't they essentially dressing for others in a sense that one's presentation is how they are perceived?
This might be a stretch, but you did buy it for five dollars. Maybe wear it as outerwear with a sweater/hoodie underneath? If you layer under it it might add some bulk and make it look like it fits a little better?
I've done the best that I can with a shitty quality webcam and zero space in my apt bedroom for a full shot, but here's what I came up with. The jacket fit well enough not to tinker with the waist, but I did have a roll in the shoulders fixed and the waist on the pants brought in about an inch. I've got an 8 inch drop from chest to waist and this is a 38r. The pants come unfinished, I had the cuffs put in.
MiniW, Been a while since I checked up on this thread-I'll see what I can come up with for you.
The pose kind of reminds me of a penguin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland 90% of the people around here who wear tapout don't train at all. They just wear it because they see it on tv. It sucks that its sold in discount stores like Ross and Marshalls now. +1. But a lot of them have the attitude that they can beat some ass without actually being able to back it up. It seems like they think the logo on their shirt intimidates others away from them.
There is something epic about the tallship though it may make your blazer appear to be a little costumey. Go with one of the other two. Perhaps the more muted gold?
Per advice via Mafoofan, I did pick up a plain silk ps in cream from Bachrach the other day for $6.75. Truly versatile.
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