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Buy jackets with shoulder pads in them. Or do lots of shoulder press at the gym. Do both and you'll have some broad lookin' shoulders.
I've always been hesitant to order used jackets/suits off of ebay because of the previous tailoring that may have been done to the garment. Even if something is the right size, it may be tailored to someone with a very different body type.
I'm currently the leading bidder for a ridiculously expensive item at a ridiculously low cost. To avoid competition, I'm not going to mention the item until the auction has ended. Ha. Got me thinking as to what kind of steals and deals people have come up with... Thoughts?!
Try american apparel? Their stuff is cheap and pretty freakin' tight.
Nothing's ever certain-I've always dressed my best for interviews, even once for a server position with a restaurant. As they say, you can never be under-dressed for an interview. If it's in politics, they will surely respect the fact that you put for a little more effort than what the standard might be. Anyway, just be "safe." Good luck with the position.
If you really don't feel good about it, take it back/buy the other. In my experience, you can usually return outlet items to regular retail stores no problem. Good luck.
Alright, having a hard time finding rough estimates for such procedures through previous threads. Google isn't much help either. Yuck. Can anybody provide general prices/time frames for the following: -Having a loose button restitched into a suit jacket -Having pant legs slimmed It's been a while since I've had pants slimmed, but I think I paid $18 last time?
Polo's custom fit is a little easier on the wallet as well. I've got a few pairs of chinos and they're great.
I just ordered a pair of pants from the same line and make of my navy blazer. The pants were discounted and the shipping was free, so I figured I'd try and see if the fabrics match. If not, it was worth a try. While we're on the topic of navy suits, is it unreasonable to try and wear burgundy colored cap toes with a navy suit? Brown tends to be the typical choice but burgundy seems a little more subtle. Do the colors mesh well? Does it just depend on the shirt/tie...
I think the ganja emblem is the only qualm most people have with this particular line of Hickey. The really discount the hell out of their clothing on sale as well. Also, why the F do they explicitly say no returns if their customer service department (apparently) has a reputation for adhering to such demands/requests?
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