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I like the jeans you've got on the in second pic. What brand and style are they?
Don't know that you'd sell much orange, but my own University of Tennessee's colors came from the flowers that blossomed on The Hill (the foundation for the original university, I believe). Perhaps a white background with the double stripe in orange similar to the OU pattern, or vice versa. The Tennessee orange is brighter and more vivid than the burnt orange of Texas, but such a color in a tie would make for a nice combo with a brown or gray suit and fun pocket square.
Note: Don't do too much dancing, I actually seriously loosened the rear seam on a pair of trousers at a recent occasion. At any rate, keep the interest of your jacket in mind. Don't leave it on unless you risk damaging it by sweating or, vice versa, don't take it off if the chair isn't going to do the shape of the jacket any favors.
Quote: Originally Posted by freefinancialadvice This is apparently a dress code memo for Abercrombie and Fitch employees: Seems as if popped collars are no longer cool, and this may answer your question- Wow, that just reminds me of working at that abomination of a store in high school. I can't even begin to describe how fuggin' ridiculous their policies are. What a joke of a company. Their stock has a history of being decent though.
I've got a gray Diesel "Woba" jacket that fits slim and looks great with a suit or jeans and a hoodie. I got a small and I'm 5'9 148ish pounds. Since it is from last season, I'll bet if you googled it you could find it a deep discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW So I got the 38 R I bought and immediately tried it on. It was a navy pinstripe material. The material I had to say felt very nice. Better than expected. The trousers fit me well in the waist although they were fairly roomy in the seat and ll the way down. The jacket though was a disappointment for me, in the 38 R the length of the jacket I though was too long, and the sleeves were too short. Those problems could be...
You missed the sarcasm there.
On second thought, my current bid is on an item from a retailer. Do retailers generally retract the offer if bidding ends and the price is much lower than what they might expect for it?
OmG i LoVe AbErCrOmBiE & FiTcH LoLz hehe
The level of hustling on here is hilarious. Selling items for 10 times what you paid
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