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spontaneous point-important for beginners to actually know how to do these lifts and know what good form is. when i started, i had to have someone show me what the hell to do on just about everything because i had no idea. also-beginners should know that, at least in my case, the biggest gains are in the first few months of training. so it's easy to get hooked!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason grandpa? yea, i forgot to mention my knickers and white orthopedic shoes too. woops!
white v-necks-i think i have 20+ of them and wear them for all occasions
PS, Chicago is different from New York. Midwestern cities aren't quite as uppity as NYC. Good luck with everything.
Don't freak about "fitting in." If your style is one way, don't change it just to try and please some clubhead slutz in the Chi. The southern fratastic man isn't ideal in Chicago, but as long as you look presentable and well kept nobody is going to think, "Man that southern guy can't dress for shit!" Wear your polos and your khakis, but perhaps buy some stuff that is a little slimmer in fit. The Polo custom fit stuff should do you good. BTW, I'm from the suburbs but...
Damn whichever one of you who bid on my RL Stantons. I wasn't willing to spend over 100 but I was in the lead for so long with less than a day left. Damnit!!!
So I drew a little bit of inspiration from this thread and picked up a couple of different gingham fabrics from Walmart for my girlfriend and I to try the same thing. What kind of process/stitch did she use?
Get some color-safe bleach, let it sit on the spot for a few minutes to set in, and then spot clean it with a wet rag. Good luck!
I admire old timey fashion for what it is. I have a collar pin and had eyelets put into the collar of one shirt to wear it with. Its fun to wear but certainly not all the time.
Do you have any problem with those jeans fading on your BD shirts like the one's you're wearing? Also, if you wanted to try really slim shirts, try hickeystyle.com as well. A lot of them are on sale in the 50's right now from being close to 200.
New Posts  All Forums: