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Posts by 630 great service and handmade. I have a black velvet from them as well. Sometimes out of stock of certain materials, just e-mail them and ask.
So I'm a 2nd time customer of Jason's and just wanted to reiterate his service. Went with a charcoal conservative cut, first time I received it it was navy. Second time I received it there was a large, odd roll in the shoulders that didn't correct after pressing. Third time was a charm. Jason took care of things every step of the way without asking questions. I felt compelled to make that experience public since I've come to trust him to do right by the customer and...
Nan, Thanks for invite. Ordered 2 pocket t's tonight with the free shipping code. Preciate.
I'm sick of trying on shoes in the 5 last. Really looking at the 5th Ave. I'm in Louisville so there are no AE stores around. Tried on 10C, 10D, 9.5D and 9D and none of them feel right. Measured a 10C on the AE size guide. I feel like I have heel slippage in all of them. Is that to be expected? Think I'm just SOL? My next try was going to be 9.5C but need the guidance of an expert. Is the 5 last just not made for my foot or what?
this always makes me lol. show up, max out for a few and leave
i've done this before. went through the effort to clorox bleach the hell out of it and see if it would help. still a hint of raunch left in that shaker despite the efforts. probably should have just taken the $6 loss and thrown it away haha
yes. i developed an awful aching in my hip flexors over time and couldn't squat more than 135 without pain. one day it just hit me that i should roll those out and see if it helps. instant healing no pain when squatting. i just roll for maybe 5 minutes tops every day to get loose, do a little jump rope mixed in and helps tremendously.
Thought the same thing myself. While encouraging, the number I got back on the caliper test just did not seem physically reasonable. In terms of variance/margin of error... what's the range on caliper tests?
how reasonably accurate are caliper tests for bf% as opposed to water emersion? anybody have experience? just had a caliper test done last night
the only thing i've ever done is max low bar squat jumps on a mini trampjknot jk
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