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Brand new never worn. In original box I received them in from Australia. I wear a 11.5 Barrie last Alden and these are too big for me. I thought maybe my feet would grow, but they haven't! The sizing of RM Williams is confusing, I don't really understand it, but if you put them on a ruler, the back of heel to tip of these boots measure 13.125" (1/8) The "G" indicates medium width. RM Williams Stockman Buckle Boots Dress Boots. Gusset Opening. Wrap around strap buckle...
I still have money on them. I just fear taking the refund, and then being offered the shoes first at updated prices! They had my money so long when they offered the refund, I figured they may as well keep it because they would come in eventually. Maybe I am wrong though.
These are 35s. I think they have stretched out a little since I first got them. A little loose, but I prefer that to a little tight. Nothing a belt can't take care of.Comfortable as anything you could find. I'm even wearing them around the house instead of sweats!
I just picked up the slim cut dungarees in blue and black, and they are fantastic. I have worn them everyday since I got them two weeks ago. The inside fabric softens up after a couple hours. They look like dress pants, but with a jeans styling. Great drape. And the best thing is, they feel like sweat pants. Very comfortable. I read that they are vanity sized, but they are not doing anything for my vanity! My 31 in APC is a little baggy, and I wear a 33 or 34 in Levis,...
no cash? makes the wallet even more perfect for you! It's an awesome way to carry cards.
Love the fold wallet. Picked one up on my last trip to NYC. I had Steven fold it for me, and he did it perfectly.
you have and eyelet above a speed hook? Never seen that before.
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