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I still have money on them. I just fear taking the refund, and then being offered the shoes first at updated prices! They had my money so long when they offered the refund, I figured they may as well keep it because they would come in eventually. Maybe I am wrong though.
These are 35s. I think they have stretched out a little since I first got them. A little loose, but I prefer that to a little tight. Nothing a belt can't take care of.Comfortable as anything you could find. I'm even wearing them around the house instead of sweats!
I just picked up the slim cut dungarees in blue and black, and they are fantastic. I have worn them everyday since I got them two weeks ago. The inside fabric softens up after a couple hours. They look like dress pants, but with a jeans styling. Great drape. And the best thing is, they feel like sweat pants. Very comfortable. I read that they are vanity sized, but they are not doing anything for my vanity! My 31 in APC is a little baggy, and I wear a 33 or 34 in Levis,...
no cash? makes the wallet even more perfect for you! It's an awesome way to carry cards.
Love the fold wallet. Picked one up on my last trip to NYC. I had Steven fold it for me, and he did it perfectly.
you have and eyelet above a speed hook? Never seen that before.
Besides making sure your new shoes fit, what does this mac method do better than just wearing them?Is the mac method to be applied even with a pair of shoes you know fit correctly and you will want to keep and wear? Or is this mac method purely to decide if you want to keep the shoes?
New Posts  All Forums: