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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Nice bag, but Dentyne Ice contains aspartame, so you're probably going to get mouth cancer and turn out like Roger Ebert. honestly, what gum (besides the 'all natural' brands) doesn't have aspartame nowadays? I chew Dentyne now because the capsules are nice- sticks melt in your pocket when it's too hot/break apart when it's too cold
home of The Mighty Ducks' Julie "The Cat" Gaffney
another +1 for the thompson LES, in terms of the hotel itself and the nightlife in & around it.
used to read his stuff all the time in HS when i was more into sports/less into other interests, but it gets repetitive after a while
^congrats, phi alpha. what chapters are you guys from
SAE Penn Theta here. definitely worth it, made me a better/cooler person haha. If nothing else, it's worth it because you grow your personal network to a level that would be impossible without joining a fraternity. People not in fraternities/societies here (UPenn) generally suck.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Garage Band Beats + Juvenile Rhymes x Vomit Inducing Degree of Autotune = Kanye West. he made 1 autotune album, none of his other stuff uses autotune. LMAO @ "garage band beats"... some people on here are unbelievable, it's not even worth having a discussion
and it has a more reliable eject button! lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley jay should stick to being a business man. Reasonable Doubt to this day is still one of the illest albums I have ever heard, Blueprint was really good but one track (Jigga that Nigga or whatever its called)ruined it for me. The Black Album was a really solid effort and he should have left after that. Kingdom Come was garbage (by Jay standards) and I like American Gangster but it's different and not a real album. BP...
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