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[quote=gusvs;1600684]A few of mine (not brand new though): What colour are these? Thanks Ged
Chestnut Brown (more dark borwn than most chestnuts) French Veal Calf Craftsman (chisel toe last) Leather sole (by all means go for the screwed sole, I have not done this previously, but like the look and intend to do so) I've always bought them in Australia from a bricks and mortar store, but Nungar and Boots Online both seem good. Good luck. You won't regret it. Ged PS I'd REALLY recommend the Veal, it's sensational!
Some time lurker, first time poster. Aussie living in NY, big RMW fan. I own Craftsman in Black French Veal Calf and Chestnut French Veal Calf, plus a 12 year old pair of Chestnuts in Yearling. To answer some of the recewnt questions: - yes, resoling thru RMW is excellent, I've even changed a leather soled pair to a rubber soled. - I have a short wide foot, and take 7.5H or 8H in RMW. The 7.5H is a better fit overall, but the 8H has a bit more toe room. This...
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