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Go to herringshoes.co.uk and browse their own Herring brands - good quality to price ratio at each collection. Also might pick up a Churchs second.
Look like Cliffords on the 337 to me. Ged
Saphir Renovateur, then a light coat of Saphir wax. Ged
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Price? If that's not asking too much. Me too please. Thanks Ged
Joe's Shoe Repairs is great. His son John now runs it. Stretched a pair of thick cordovan chukkas for me and did a beautiful job. He really knows his shoes. Strangely enough I found him on SF, but wouldn't you know I only live about 500m from him! Ged
Thanks everyone your advice. I finally found a good cobbler in Brisbane and got these stretched across the instep. They now fit perfectly! The cobbler is Joe's Shoe Repairs, Eva Street, Coorparoo. He's mentioned somewhere else on the forum too. Ged
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER I'm worried the 7G craftsman yearling I ordered will be too small... it seems that my feet are growing. Could have swore the last time I measured I was an US size 8D on the brannock (which is equivalent to 10 inches length I think).. but just now I measured with a measuring tape / ruler and it's approx 10.2 inches.. I can wear 8D Allen Edmond PAs comfortably but then again those are an elongated shape. (I could even...
Quote: Originally Posted by 37degrees Gentlemen, I am moments away from ordering a macquarie in chestnut. I have two questions that I hope you may be able to help me with. 1. The leather soul - should I go for a screwed leather soul or do I run the risk of the boot looking too fem? 2. One boring size question. I am a 7.5H in the CC - I am thinking 8G in the Macquarie. What do you think? Tez - you have a fine collection and I am tempted to see...
Quote: Originally Posted by goldknots So I spent most of yesterday looking at styles, comparing and looking at what I want and need. Today I went to try on shoes. I went to Leffort first since it is near my school and the customer service or terrible. The person present actually walked away as I approached the shoes and pre occupied themselves as I asked questions, needless to say I didn't stay long. I then made my way to Turnbull & Asser and spent about...
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER I see... I'm still having trouble nailing down the best length to go with on RMW craftsman. I'm thinking of having some MTO since there is now a waiting time for RTW RMW craftsman. I'm either 8D or 7.5E in Allen Edmond PA's, There are pictures of a size 11 RMW compared with a size 11 Allen Edmond on page 9, showing that they are the same length, but then again these are different lasts so maybe the RMW is...
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