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Good News Story! I think I went in on the first or second day of the first 50% off sale, Nov 3, order no 310. Excited, a bit apprehensive (is this too good to be true?) but not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth, I jumped in with an order for myself and my wife. My order arrived today. I went for the 18.5 Kurokis in straight fit, and I've gotta say, I'm absolutely stoked with the jeans. The fit is fantastic, the denim is awesome and the construction appears...
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For Sale is the perfect raw denim starter pack for someone looking to start or extend their raw denim collection. Revised price now $150, and I'll throw in a free pair of used APC NSs! They are all Gustin size 33 slim. total value when new $430. Super Light - total wears 3, 1 soak, excellent condition, beautiful light summer denim, great white weft show, super comfortable, why wait for Gustin when you can have it now? Inseam 31. Italy Grey Blacks - total wears 2, no wash...
how would renovateur go on a natural belt?
  Hi guys, I bought these boots about two years ago, but have struggled to use them in regular rotation due to what I think is a disconnect in the rugged chunky sole and the fine soft black leather / blind eyelets. I'm thinking of getting a boot repair guy to replace the eyelets with exposed eyelets (black, brass or steel?) and putting some thicker laces in them... http://www.pinterest.com/pin/274297433527952509/ Thoughts??? Cheers Ged
They're good. Very well made and finished, cool styling, a bit hipper than Quoddy or Rancourt. I got a pair of black mid tops with denim side panel, very happy with them. IMHO they run a little small to size, but that's OK they're stretching up nicely. Highly recommended. Ged
I use Steven from Leffot for all my Saphir needs. I met him while I lived in NY, so he's happy to send stuff to Australia for me, but I know he has other Aussie clients too. Great guy and great shoes too.
Quote: Originally Posted by intfxdx Hello, I really like RL Darlton wingtip but too expensive for my budget, even with 40% of discount. Could you tell me another shoes with same style with price tag not more than 200-250 $ ? I mean the quality lower than Darlton but similar style(leather or suede) to wear with Chinos mostly. Thanks for your suggestions. Where do you get 40% off Darltons, that's what I want to know??!! Ged
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre Any pics? Also, no one seems to have any info for this - any idea what colour "spice suede" is in real life? http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/home.as...ECD6850AE70656 This is a picture of the cinnamon in the Aspley slide but it comes in Craftsman too. Ged
The new Cinnamon colour yearling is very nice indeed. A bit like EG Edwardian. Everyone should have a look at the new catalogue. I'm thinking of getting a pair. Ged
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