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Sold. Thanks.
Listing on eBay expires this Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST. Opening (and potentially winning) bid is $3500 with payment via PayPal and expedited shipping. Have 23 people watching the listing, but would love to have a SF member bid and win! Here's a link to the listing: http://r.ebay.com/s8boTY All the best, BCD P.S. I have an eBay offer that lets me sell this with a success fee of only $1.00. That explains why I haven't dropped the price on SF any lower.
Price drop to $3,750 via PayPal or $3,660 via wire. Includes priority shipping to domestic address. Thanks, BCD.
Just listed on eBay. Open to offers until it sells. Thanks, BCD
Okay, in an effort to avoid dealing with deadbeats and scammers on eBay, willing to sell for $3,950 shipped with payment via PayPal. This watch is in absolutely great condition fresh off this most recent service. Will give it this week to see if there's any interest and then list on eBay this weekend. Thanks, BD
Hi Guys, This watch is back on the market. I decided to get it freshly serviced, so that it was close to perfect for the next buyer. Just came back two weeks ago from a thorough service performed by a Certified Master Watchmaker 21st Century (CMW21). Looks and is running unbelievable. You won't be disappointed when this watch arrives! In light of the $400 service, which the next buyer won't have to worry about for the next three to five years, asking for a $200 bump from...
Okay, one significant price drop before I go the dreaded eBay route. $3,950 shipped. Based on eBay sales, almost certainly giving away a few bucks. However, have had good experiences selling on SF. EBay, not so much.
Shot in the dark here, but open to a trade involving a dual sport motorcycle - especially a BMW GS model.
Thanks! I totally agree :-)
Up for sale is my Panerai PAM 48 (G Series), which I bought several years ago on this site from whusurdadi. Since then, I've had it serviced by Panerai. This is the 40mm case, which, in my opinion, is the ideal size. Big enough to be substantial, but not over the top. Watch includes original box and papers, box and papers from service, and the following straps: (1) dark brown alligator for deployant, (2) OEM black rubber for deployant, (3) brown shell cordovan, (4)...
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