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The site was built in about 2 weeks. My primary concerns were, correct inventory data, speed, and security.You are correct that the pricing information needs to be more apparent. This will change in the future.I was reviewing the site on a tablet today, and I agree some changes should be made. I don't see the site being optimized for mobile anytime soon, but I am watching the statistics and we are looking at how people are using it. If we get enough mobile customers we...
Someone asked for a sort option for www.shoebank.com. That is now in place. Someone else asked for a spreadsheet download option. Can you tell me why this is important and how you would use this? Thank you,
You can call, email, or use the form to contact the store of your choice. The store will work with you on any questions you might have. Thanks,
See my post below, you might be using the old URL, which is why I posted the new site. Thank you,
Would love to hear some feedback on a new site we are testing, www.shoebank.com. It's not an ecommerce site, but it should make it easier for our customers to view what we have available in seconds. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you, Dave Barber
The Mora has been added to the Allen Edmonds Custom shoe site. Click the more shoes link along the bottom to view the second page that contains the Mora. Thank you,
I believe that is the Allen Edmonds Arlington, from the late 80s - early 90s. Style number 3707 Thanks,
Thought you might be interested in a new video we posted to our YouTube channel. The video takes a look at the relationship and processes of Allen Edmonds and Horween. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoDDHmiyf_c
jblazing, I didn't catch your post until after I posted above. The other reason we ask for the receipt, it helps us identify the retailer(or store) where the shoe was purchased. If we have a quality issue, it might be limited to a production run or a particular shipment. With the receipt, many times we can identify the individual store or retailer and can pinpoint when the shoes were produced without seeing the product. We have pulled back shoes from certain...
Allen Edmonds does stand behind the products we produce, in this case I private messaged the OP on Friday and will send him a postage paid label to return the shoes. We do typically ask for the receipt because of the high amount of fraud that we have seen over the last two years. Part of customer service, unfortunately, is to sort out real customers from people trying to commit fraud, and the receipt is one piece of information we use. We strive to service all our...
New Posts  All Forums: