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We added a couple more requested items for Selection by Sole. We are still playing with the data behind the site, but its 90% complete2. You can enter a style name to reduce your search.3. We added a reset form button.4. As previously noted we added inventory by store selection.5. We clarified the pricing during sale periods by having the previous price crossed out and the sale price displayed.6. We expanded the number of items viewed per page...
You mean that weird mysterious guy came through for us after we flooded him with reqests? Yes. Yes he did. And there is more to come.
Here is the list of improvements I currently have for I am traveling this week but will sit down with a few people on Friday. Not all of these will be possible, but we might be able to get a few done fairly quick. Work on redesign of pagination Boots category, expanded categories(dress, casual, boots, loafers, monk strap) Sort by price Select by color Search by shoe name Select by current sales items Inventory lookup by store/location Site refresh - more...
Your message made me laugh. We realize that some people do enjoy the "hunt" for shoes. You can still reach out to any of our retail outlets and work with them directly. You can also call or email customer service, and they will be glad to help you. For those that want more control, there is For Allen Edmonds its all about giving the customer options, and a better experience. Thanks for the laugh and being a great customer.
1) Not many retailers like to give the actual quantity information. There are a number of reasons for this, instead we could give a message like "low quantity order now"2) We are working on the site refresh to make it more real time.3) This is similar to a previous request and is on the list.
I hear your frustration, but remember we can't always give details about private label shoes we produce or the partnerships we have. Under certain conditions, we might be able to give additional information but its only after we have sales and the partner sign off on it.
Good ideas, I will see what I can do.
Let me think about how the search in the other direction would work.
Current sale items for the outlets might be difficult, but let me take a look. I will look at adding a boot category.
The search by name is something we could look at.When you select your size and width, it will already show you the styles with inventory. When you click on the picture of the shoe, it will show you the outlets with inventory that you can contact and work with.
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