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Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder That's an odd way to celebrate Greek Independence Day. Shouldn't you be wearing something more traditional? I would if a) pleated skirts were CBD and b) I wasn't from the islands, where the traditional uniform was actually drop-crotch pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Cross-post from WAYWRN, since I'm wearing a tie... Mediterranean CBD, on a Friday? Holy crap. I'm pretty much wearing this same outfit today. You're not Greek, are you? (that's why I'm wearing that outfit today; Greek Independence Day HOLLA!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix For some reason, that vest and suit combo strikes me as a groom's attire. Congratulations on your big day today.
I'm just curious what the balance of positive comments to negative comments would have been if Moo weren't the OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ejirardo Love those Carmina Suede Cap Toes on the Simpson last. Question, how do you find the fit of the Simpson last, true to size or a narrow fit? I ask because I have a bit wider foot and was wondering the fit of the Simpson as I would like to purchase these shoes. Thank you in advance. I will admit they are a bit snug currently. I (currently) wear a 9.5 UK on 348-lasted C&Js, and Alan told me that last was...
Carmina Simpson-lasted suede captoes:
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 [[SPOILER]] The jacket, as has already been said, is awesome.The shirt is great because the pattern looks pixellated up close and it just looks really interesting to my eye.The outfit is probably CLD (L = leisure) more than CBD, but perhaps fits within the broad definition of CBD as has been established in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Try RL trees for $55. If those are on the alcudia last you may need to size down on the trees. Alternatively you can search ebay for full sorta like lasted) trees in your size. I recently picked up a pair for $12. Alternately, you can pick up a pair of Woodlore Epics for 20 bucks. Check the Cedarville Store thread for the current coupon code. I just ordered a pair for my Carminas.
Today's jams. Up: Down:
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