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Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Must have that belt. J. Press baby!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Are these linen pants? wtf it's like 30 degrees here... The belt definitely brings the whole outfit back to its festive purpose - well done. Nope--wool/cotton.
Here's my non-pleated skirt, possibly CBD homage to the 1821 Revolution:
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder That's an odd way to celebrate Greek Independence Day. Shouldn't you be wearing something more traditional? I would if a) pleated skirts were CBD and b) I wasn't from the islands, where the traditional uniform was actually drop-crotch pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Cross-post from WAYWRN, since I'm wearing a tie... Mediterranean CBD, on a Friday? Holy crap. I'm pretty much wearing this same outfit today. You're not Greek, are you? (that's why I'm wearing that outfit today; Greek Independence Day HOLLA!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix For some reason, that vest and suit combo strikes me as a groom's attire. Congratulations on your big day today.
I'm just curious what the balance of positive comments to negative comments would have been if Moo weren't the OP.
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