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Quote: Originally Posted by barims Very tasteful. I can't picture them well with your face; a fit picture is required Ask and ye shall receive:
Here are mine. Made in France (either in the 1950s or 1960s) and restored by Retrospecs in LA.
Jesus, just buy a pair of Louboutins at this point.
Is this thread really an "experiment" at this point? Perhaps an "alternative viewpoint" instead.
I just took a look at WAYWRN just now, was completely off-put with what was going on in there, and then came over here and all was right with the world. Just reiterating my general appreciation for this thread.
Because this is not CBD, this goes here:
You're going to take what this idiot says seriously?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Funny thing is that that looks like that Ring Jacket model the Armoury carries. Of course, the RJ is just a sportcoat and what takes this from FU to FM (fuck me) is the fact that it's a 3-piece.
Every time I see Lino et al, I think of some leathery old divorced guy who is going through a mid-life crisis and wearing his kid's clothes...if his kid actually wore tailored clothing. That said, I still want to go to Al Bazar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck Glad it worked out! As the suedes do stretch out a bit more than normal leather would, and given that your existing 348's are quite roomy, that half size down should give you a very soft + snug shoe! Definitely don't size half down for the normal leather options though. Absolutely. They've gotten noticeably more comfortable already after three wears, and I'm excited for what they'll feel like when...
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