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I'ma go to Jos. A. Banks now.
Quote: Originally Posted by polarcreamsoda sunglasses too! I have definitely fallen into the expensive sunglasses camp, but damnit, I love them so much Also, as for wallets, a friend and I spent the day drooling over Cleverley Russian leather wallets today, so it just goes to show that I am actually considering some outlandish amount for a wallet...
Re TTO: I rather like the whole fit; it strikes me as quite English. The tie I don't love, but it's in the spirit of the thread and I'm with Ed on the shoes - they are excellent. Also excellent is the woman's reaction in the 2nd photo. Re Lufty: Das fit ist krieg. You are the sack king.
That seems entirely appropriate for the leader of a nation where the fashion industry is one of the major contributors to the GDP. Palin was derided for the value of her wardrobe because couched her entire campaign on the fact that she was folksy and just like the average American.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 a very dogmatic approach to and a narrow definition of what a "good outfit" should be. e.g. "you must wear a pocket square."
Quote: Originally Posted by NewConvert Is the actual color of this suede captured in this fit pic or in the other close up pic? This pic makes the shoes look like they are almost chocolate suede. I'd say that the pictures I've taken and posted in this thread most accurately capture the color of the suede. This was actually something that concerned me, because I didn't like the yellowish color of the shoes on the Armoury website, and Alan...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Yeah, those armory guys always look good without looking like they were dressed for the photo. Actually, that's Takahiro from Liverano in the above photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD I use a normal shoe brush, for regular "dusting" and "correcting the nap". I have a crepe one too, but never use it. So a good horsehair brush and a gommadin eraser should cover basic suede care for now?
Can someone recommend a good suede brush? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctp120 Can't decipher. Translation please? TITFDYB - Tone It The F--- Down You Bastards.
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