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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Edge stripes on collars and cuffs are worse but in the same vein. I saw a gentleman this morning in the lobby of my Biglaw firm's building wearing an edgestriped collar shirt. I was dismayed, but then I realized I am utterly un-CBD today, so the scales of judgment were leveled.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Is there an Ambrosi silhouette? Note the pickstitching:
Quote: Originally Posted by hugh51271 Stumbled upon this. Looks like he borrowed his Dad's suit from the 70s. Dreadful: Well, I'm glad he made it to prom.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I did it as a way, I thought, to speed up the process. I was wrong... Yikes. Still, I think it would have a greater effect if it were a collective action from all customers placing orders in the future vs. a sole actor such as yourself (but you were wise to do so).
Do you think present and future Ambrosi customers will begin to insist that they only pay half up-front and the remainder upon delivery? It appears the full payment up front disincentivizes Salvatore to stick to any sort of reasonable delivery schedule.
I'ma go to Jos. A. Banks now.
Quote: Originally Posted by polarcreamsoda sunglasses too! I have definitely fallen into the expensive sunglasses camp, but damnit, I love them so much Also, as for wallets, a friend and I spent the day drooling over Cleverley Russian leather wallets today, so it just goes to show that I am actually considering some outlandish amount for a wallet...
Re TTO: I rather like the whole fit; it strikes me as quite English. The tie I don't love, but it's in the spirit of the thread and I'm with Ed on the shoes - they are excellent. Also excellent is the woman's reaction in the 2nd photo. Re Lufty: Das fit ist krieg. You are the sack king.
That seems entirely appropriate for the leader of a nation where the fashion industry is one of the major contributors to the GDP. Palin was derided for the value of her wardrobe because couched her entire campaign on the fact that she was folksy and just like the average American.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 a very dogmatic approach to and a narrow definition of what a "good outfit" should be. e.g. "you must wear a pocket square."
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