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Don't forget this one (from the same series on Will's blog), which is my personal favorite of the bunch:
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ^Great SC and look. May have preferred the suede captoes of yours, but that's just a nit. Haha, next week. I've worn the caps yesterday and Monday of this week already.
Not CBD; not even trying.
Cleverley Russian reindeer leather billfold wallet.
Pents. Also, Rob, CAN YOU HEAR US???
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Edge stripes on collars and cuffs are worse but in the same vein. I saw a gentleman this morning in the lobby of my Biglaw firm's building wearing an edgestriped collar shirt. I was dismayed, but then I realized I am utterly un-CBD today, so the scales of judgment were leveled.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Is there an Ambrosi silhouette? Note the pickstitching:
Quote: Originally Posted by hugh51271 Stumbled upon this. Looks like he borrowed his Dad's suit from the 70s. Dreadful: Well, I'm glad he made it to prom.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I did it as a way, I thought, to speed up the process. I was wrong... Yikes. Still, I think it would have a greater effect if it were a collective action from all customers placing orders in the future vs. a sole actor such as yourself (but you were wise to do so).
Do you think present and future Ambrosi customers will begin to insist that they only pay half up-front and the remainder upon delivery? It appears the full payment up front disincentivizes Salvatore to stick to any sort of reasonable delivery schedule.
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