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Quote: Originally Posted by srivats This is going to sound counter-intuitive ... That is counterintuitive! I ask because this has happened before with the rain and there is some spotting, albeit faded... Also, I wasn't planning on slathering on Reno, haha.
Ugh, I had hoped it wouldn't rain today, but it did and I was forced to go out to grab lunch today, thus in the processing getting my calf C&Js somewhat wet. I'm sure this has been asked ad nauseam, and I've already wiped them down as best as I could with some paper towels, but how can minimize the spotting? Some Reno, a thin layer of wax, and some vigorous brushing?
If we're going to be coveting items from Rider, here's my contribution - Color #6 Cordo boot
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Honestly, a lot of pics posted here don't fall within 100 yds of CBD. It's slowly turning into WAYWN, which was not the purpose. Which is basically why I decided not to post fits unless I am wearing an appropriately sober outfit. Still, I think the association with regular WAYWRN began with the titling of the thread and the relaxation of some of the conventions of the CBD concept. At least, that's my best...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I like the tie/jacket combo. A pair of light gray/slate/cream/tan something trou would make this very good. Agreed. Light grey spring trous are currently with drycleaners, and I've worn tan already a bunch this week...
Don't forget this one (from the same series on Will's blog), which is my personal favorite of the bunch:
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ^Great SC and look. May have preferred the suede captoes of yours, but that's just a nit. Haha, next week. I've worn the caps yesterday and Monday of this week already.
Not CBD; not even trying.
Cleverley Russian reindeer leather billfold wallet.
Pents. Also, Rob, CAN YOU HEAR US???
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