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Quote: Originally Posted by forex Spooker, how wide are those Drakes ties? Website lists them at 7cm.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl my question is why are you the piece of .... you pretend. e.g. you are unable to nail down your size of shoes... ...and the list continues. anyway Huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Nice photo. I love tzatziki. Thanks. I love raita!
Have people received their trousers post-thread kerfuffle?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton He's right. Nice pic, looks like a bunch of greaseballs. Could be my family. Hehe, una faccia, una razza. And yes, my grandfather (whom I sadly never met as he passed before I was born) is the one seated with the SF-approved cuffs, but SF-disapproved unbuttoned d/b jacket (is that actually true? I feel like being seated with a d/b jacket would put too much strain on the buttons).
Here's a photo I dug up from the archives of my gmail. It's a family photo and my grandfather is the gentleman all the way on the right holding the guitar. Take note of the double-breasted suit and two-inch cuffs!
It appears the OP and I have met similar fates - I, too, just lost my Brooks Bros. tattersall umbrella. Should I just go ahead and get the BB umbrella, or should I just go ahead and place an order with Jamison. I feel like purchasing expensive accessories is to ask yourself to tempt fate and not lose them every time you step outside the house with them.
I have to admit the scarf tie is highly amusing and I never would have thought to do something like that with a spring scarf. Still, it's definitely something one can only pull off if their own their own haberdashery.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Next time,just stay in and starve. Obvi.
Quote: Originally Posted by deandbn Gee mister, you dress so beautifully and then forget the basics like shaving. Why bother!! Just an observation. Sharp and bold, yet out of control. Very uncool. This comment is a NO. Shaving everyday is not even practical. If you use, like I do, a double-edge safety razor, shaving everyday is not only unwarranted, but inadvisable. You risk wrecking your skin and not letting it heal between shaves.
New Posts  All Forums: