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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del [IMG] Glenn O'Brien's posture makes him look like Peewee Herman's dad.
Quote: Originally Posted by aon Would have been a good look had he worn proper shoes [[SPOILER]] This is at Sid Mashburn, right? If so, makes sense. And I'm envious that that guy can wear a dress shirt with jeans and not have it come untucked.
The Armoury carries Fox umbrellas and you might be able to save (somewhat) on shipping given that you're in Oz and they're based in HK.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius How could no one have commented on these? They're epic. To think that I went to that particular optician to get a pair of Cutler & Gross sunglasses, but when I tried them, realized they looked really weird. So, I was handed that pair of Retrospecs to try on and it was an instant match. If you're in DC, go to Insight Opticians. Tony will take good care of you.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Italy 1950s- early 60s? Sorry everyone, this is actually Greece around the 50s-60s (maybe earlier than that actually). But like I said, una faccia, una razza.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Spooker, how wide are those Drakes ties? Website lists them at 7cm.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl my question is why are you the piece of .... you pretend. e.g. you are unable to nail down your size of shoes... ...and the list continues. anyway Huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Nice photo. I love tzatziki. Thanks. I love raita!
Have people received their trousers post-thread kerfuffle?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton He's right. Nice pic, looks like a bunch of greaseballs. Could be my family. Hehe, una faccia, una razza. And yes, my grandfather (whom I sadly never met as he passed before I was born) is the one seated with the SF-approved cuffs, but SF-disapproved unbuttoned d/b jacket (is that actually true? I feel like being seated with a d/b jacket would put too much strain on the buttons).
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