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Gentlemen of the Fora: For sale is a size L version of the vaunted Run of the Mill Shop denim cutaway collar dress shirt. Yes, the very same shirt that took SEVEN months to deliver. Of course it was very exciting to finally receive the item before I realized in the fall of 2012 that I really couldn't get much use out of it. Therefore, this item is like new having only been worn a handful of times. NEVERTHELESS, this is really a fantastic item that only truly obsessive...
Gentlemen of the Fora: Please find available on the eBays two lovely plaid ties from one of SF's finest homegrown merchants, Howard Yount. Although I don't wear them as often as I once did, that does not change the fact that they really are terrific ties. Please find the links to the auctions listed below: 1) Fall-Winter Purple & Black Plaid Tie - 60% wool/40% silk. 2) Spring-Summer Blue & Brown Plaid Tie - 60% linen/40% silk Please feel free to bid on the 'Bays, but...
Gentlemen of teh Fora, Available for sale via eBay is a fine Charvet silk pocket square in navy. More details are available on the eBay listing. Please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions. Charvet - 100% silk in Navy - $19.99 opening price / $49.99 Buy-it-Now.
Nick Wooster making a strong case for the short sleeve woven shirt, stupid Thom Browne pants notwithstanding (in fact, I think Wooster's looks would generally be elevated to another plane if he quit relying on Thom Browne clothes so heavily).
Haha, I'm actually rocking this look today. Specifically, I'm wearing htis Black Fleece shirt, but the top two buttons are undone and I've cuffed the sleeves to hit mid-bicep: The fact of the matter is that in the summer months in DC, when it gets absurdly hot and humid, this look is my go to. I much prefer these shirts to polos because they look a bit better in the office (I would argue). But adjusting the sleeve length makes all the difference (going all the way to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant the cloth is a royal oxford with a little loser weave. You're big time enough that you shouldn't be buying shirts with loser weaves!
I don't hate the idea, but the size of lapels keeps forcing my mind's eye to pull the one half of the jacket over the other into a d/b configuration. I guess it would more congruous to me as a one-button peak a la Huntsman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A See my sweater, there's no better than authentic Irish Setter.
J. Press is having a sale currently; use coupon code 'PSMAY11'. They've got a nice range of classic ties and you can secure some staples at a nice discount: For starters, this: And perhaps this:
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