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If you are 6'8" you are out of luck, because there are no XL black knits that I can find.
After closer review of some of the challenges and fits , I think you should remove this clause: Needs to be worn out of the house Think about the children.
Not to be entered in contest. Orange Salmon Although I might wear on of these tomorrow.
I think these are the pants that Liverano is wearing this outfit with. They are Minis Fresco. I have to see if I can find the full outfit. I think it looks very good.I tried to duplicate, but was no bueno.My shirt a touch brighter and not stripes but tiny gingham.Also the grayness of this photo tones the colors done.I think it is also in part to all the items having some nice texture to them.
This is all correct.Also what SB said.I do both looks. That black tie I was at pre dinner cocktail with family in Madrid.I have to look see if I have a pic of business DTO.
me tooanch'io
I'm reserving my vote until Spoo post.
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