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Don't you do that already?This totally looks like a Nigerian Prince that is pissed he can't get fifteen million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars ($15.5m) out of the country.
Wrinkled Lino is the contest?
Stich, your shoes are usually my issue with your fits. I feel they are too "slick" for the rest of what you wear. I think monks would have been fine with that outfit but not those monks. G&G's don't work for me for most casual fits. I think that is Ed's issue too. Although I don't think he likes monks at all.As for the point deduction. I think Ed rates on 3 point scale
Sorry for lack of post. Been in Paris "eating more and more" and searching for Sir F.
D, is very funny and very knowledgeable. Reminds me of someone, who is missed. Back to the subject of shambray. I found an "oxford" that resembled the chambray qualities that were all the rage pre YFooK. I'm wearing it today for the first time. I pulled down and the tails and it has a certain spring to it that makes me think to get this fuzz you need poly in it. It was not purchased from Carl.
Thank you for the comments. They were purchased at Carmina on Gran Via. About 3 hours after my arrival. I had been thinking about that style, but not in shell. I'm not a shell fanatic (yet). They had this model in 11.5 (i'm a 12), and he said in shell you want to go half size smaller. Fit was great and it was last one I think, was reduced from 550€ to 300€.
Just picked these up. First pair of shell.
I leave on Thursday, so Wednesday would be my only option. I'll ask the hotel tomorrow, but I'm sure most places are closed. Arrived today. Seemed like most stores in the Salamanca area were closed. Went to Carmina on Gran Via and picked up pair of shell monks. I'm not a shell guy (first pair) but the had a healthy discount because of the larger size (300 from 550) and the gentleman assistant, said I could not pass up. Off to Sevilla for meeting tomorrow, but will...
Have you sent pics of those shoulders to Foo yet?
That's what I was coming up with as well. Guess will have to try and visit before hand. I'm flying back on the 2nd.
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