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Was channeling you when I posted my "dry cleaning" picture.
Last day, flying out to Barcelona tomorrow.
Balearic Dry Cleaning. What to wear tonight, linen, linen, linen, or linen?
Cross Post
Brown is for Agricultores. Pre dinner cocktail on the Finca. Suit-Linen Shirt-Linen PS-Linen Tie-Linen/Silk
Thank you all for the nice comments. [[SPOILER]] RD, it sure heated up quickly.We arrived on Saturday. That and Sunday were great, but Sunday started the midday heat. We left yesterday for Mallorca.
I do have a few. Best piece you can own.On even more casual occasions like rowing, I go for the BlazerShirt™
Heading to dinner, in Madrid
I meant to comment earlier but missed it. For what it is worth, I thought you looked very good and you pocket square selection was great.By having a dislike (fear) of pocket squares, you have avoided a big noob problem of buying too many and the wrongs ones. I speak from experience on that.
I couldn't agree more with this statement.
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