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Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Homage to fuuma Fuuma?
Absolutely horrible. I will not be posting and associating myself with you 3. Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Top and bottom: - B Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI
Quote: Originally Posted by bwv2 I hope the $25k guy is right! Is Vicuna a type of deer?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Looking dope Haha, love it Moo. Start talking in 3rd person.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria [i]From straight out of left field, it's Cheap Seats Tuesday! - B! FNB seemed to be obsessed with how suits were made, and not how the suits made the person look. I think sometimes MC , thinks the same way. This suit is not of the caliber of MBT or Steed, but there is no doubt (IMO) that it makes you look good. It's refreshing to see you a bit disheveled. Last year even when you did...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I'm mulling over relaunching the Steven Aver brand...similar to what Patrick Grant has done with Tautz. Instead of MTM, though, my site would have large collection of Allen-Edmonds seconds, mid-century Modern furniture, The Suit by Nicholas Antogiavanni, several Sulka robes, and an impressive eagle statuette. The price for each will be slightly more than $1. - B Mr. Vox Will your store carry...
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 I think it's a bit short on you and you could show little bit more cuff. Other than that I like it.
I knew doo doo brown stripe rocked. Love it Ed. Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel
Originally Posted by maomao1980 At first I also think the stance is weird, perhaps too high. However I think the issue is the coat is a bit long for him. In general I think this is the best X#$$@# made jacket I have seen. Quote: Originally Posted by Parker +1. Looks very nice PG. Especially the shoulder and lapel. I like the wrap distance, too. But, I bet a tiny bit shorter jacket would really make it perfecto. I'll preface this with I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Very nice, Nii. ----------------------- At the 65th Anniversary of the end of the WW2. My grandfather was a tank commander in the Soviet Army and was a part of the final charge on Berlin. The pin was the anniversary band given to all who were a part of the celebration. I wore it all night. Grandpa - will be 85 this October. I think this is an example of the person coming through in the...
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