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Brown is for Agricultores. Pre dinner cocktail on the Finca. Suit-Linen Shirt-Linen PS-Linen Tie-Linen/Silk
Thank you all for the nice comments. [[SPOILER]] RD, it sure heated up quickly.We arrived on Saturday. That and Sunday were great, but Sunday started the midday heat. We left yesterday for Mallorca.
I do have a few. Best piece you can own.On even more casual occasions like rowing, I go for the BlazerShirtâ„¢
Heading to dinner, in Madrid
I meant to comment earlier but missed it. For what it is worth, I thought you looked very good and you pocket square selection was great.By having a dislike (fear) of pocket squares, you have avoided a big noob problem of buying too many and the wrongs ones. I speak from experience on that.
I couldn't agree more with this statement.
Do you See what InSee. Those that don't like, probably still won't. I do.
VOTE FOR SALE Paypal account # sfchallenge@barbera.com
Remnants of pre SF days. Worn twice in 4 years . May 09 and two weeks ago. Now back in hiding. Date not suitable for contest, but it is wrinkly.
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