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http://luxire.com/collections/home/products/light-blue-university-stripes-140-2Didn't know there was a premium button option, but I would be in for for $10 more.I don't always wear a tie with my shirts. But yes everytime you are immune to one of the SF charms, more money in pocket.http://luxire.com/collections/home/products/light-blue-university-stripes-140-2Collar of course is the JPHARDYEveryone has their stuff.
square is blue. maybe too much blue for some.personally I like, but I do get the "not sure " comments.
First shirt from Luxire. Received a few weeks ago wearing for the first time. Extremely happy with construction, fit and mostly collar. Wished buttons were more pearly than milky, but small nit pic.
This was taken this week.................. but unfortunately in 2010. I don't think I have pink, after giving away all my non MFM shirts.
Shoes look great. But the perspective makes it look like this
One thing is for sure, the higher the fold count the more successful. That cannot be debated.
A couple of Lizard skins from the Carmina Barcelona store.
Has the Foyer floor plan been discussed yet? Foo, For coffee table I would suggest something with space underneath. I think you mentioned 18inches between the sofa and table, but for taller Igent's it's nice to be able to stretch one's legs. It also helps to open up the space. The Florence Knoll coffee table would fit the size you are looking for, and Matt's request for Carrera. Unfortunately it might look to matchy matchy to you, with your sofa and dining room...
New Posts  All Forums: