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This might be old , but thought I post just in case
Kirby, 15% worked, but when I made the payment from paypal it took the full amount. I emailed you, but thought I give a heads up JP
Is Lenny on the forum?
Incredible steal, I was on them and decided not to bid. Glad it went to a SF member.
I think you should get this one custom made with all your WAYWRN pics
Hame too yesterday, but my collar.
Since everyone on MC is "dressed by the internet".... The challenge would have you take one on the thousands of images you downloaded from The Tumblr, and see how well you can replicate.
If you hold down the letter, the options pop up for you.
The winning combination is simple what poser is wearing, poster popularity, quality of photography, % of people voting for achieving a good look vs being really out there. Those are most of the variables, each week certain parts of the variables get more weight than others, but they are all there.
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