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Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Leave it as-is, G. Looks good. I like this combo more than your others. The patterns gel better and the solid shirt with a little texture (?) is nice. +1 +1
Casa Spoosace. Somehow I knew sooner or later you end up there. Looking good. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Family dinner:
Aeglus, the jacket looks very dated to me, which is fine if that was the look you were going for. I enjoy your style, but this is not looking good to me.
Three people I would like to see handle the Digest in the future EdM, GDL, TeddyR
Fit Pic of my first dealings with CeGo. I think I went too tight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker More orange today. You rock dude !!! Which belt is that?
I like the response to the first post on the Rubinacci Club Blog "Fantastic color combination, great job !!! beautiful idea !!!" Post by....... ADMIN
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Very nice Trini...
I have always thought this, and this is proof. Neo, you are one "Smooth Criminal", love the MJ influence. JP
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