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I just checked with everyone I know, and no one is planning on dying. Is there a way to change my vote to plaid?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I didn't win this year either. - B Well, thanks to you I invested over 10K in Safari wear to be ahead of the trends and you didn't even place in the top 5.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm uhh - what is wrong with those brands? and why are they douchey? good for him. he wears his clothing, looks good in it and loves doing what he does - the epitome of SF and iGent. I'm mocking the stereotypes.
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Jolly Roger tie. Clumsy pattern matching. Suit pulls hideously. Shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest. Bracelets. =well-dressed? I know our guys are trying to be good sports, and I respect that. So I'll come out and say it--the winner is a douche. Or at the very least a Rubinacci.
I think they only way to base it is on this: My favorite brands include: Astor & Black, Domenico Vacca, Eredi Pisano, Tom Ford &Testoni I mean come on the writing is on the wall. Pure Doucheism.
You might be able to wear one this Friday. But only to photograph yourself for the forum. Other than that you can't wear a black suit. Unless of course you have lived in New York City in the past 30 years.
.. Quote: Originally Posted by kohelet Clearly the guy is latino how would he know about spezzatura.
Butter's Most Versatile Bold and Not Douchy Best Dress Contest 2010. I actually agree with NDawg about the SF hate for this. That being said, I think you are right. He didn't show any versatility at all in his pictorial. I think even Foo showed more, which speaks volumes.
Great thing about SF is that, WOE and Ranger can show good sportsmanship about not winning. The rest of the forum will take care of the hate for the winner.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims ^ Deets on lastmaker of footwear, plz If I advocated trainers with suits, that would be fine with me - it has the right kind of shape for it. But I'm pretty certain we're in a new decade now and need to find another clever way of subverting sartorial tradition If I'm not mistaken, they are Vass VASS Since 1966
New Posts  All Forums: