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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Wow, I think it looks much better. Did you have the jacket altered or are you just standing differently? Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Is this the first ever case of real life foofing ? Looks good JP Thanks gdl. I think it is the first real foofing. I did not have altered, but I am going to do a little work to it. This is what I did. Different camera...
I think the Sartorialist is from Cleveland.
Trousers were actually charcoal gray, just poor color balance on my part. This is today following the FooFing advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy Tibor, what year is the suit from? Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor I think around 2005 during the short lived 1930's revival by Armani and D&G. Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Is no one going to comment on how exceedingly low the gorge is? I know it's vintage-inspired but damn. That was my way about commenting on the low gorge. I think the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo JP you've lost weight. Thanks Moo, but exactly the same. Different camera angle. Different Lens Different stance Darker picture. I think it's a good example of why it is hard to judge photos online
This is from a Foofed session 7 months ago. You can go the link and see the comments back and forth. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I would have liked to widened the lapels, too, but it would have been a pain. Today being plaid day, I wore it again, but aimed to wear the Foofed Suggestion. I do think I hate how gun plaid looks on me, and others as well. The pic is a bit Sartorialized, but is more accurate in color than...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Cutie! - B Thanks Vox __5__ My use of humor or sarcasm is appropriate for this assignment
In the close up picture I see what Foo is saying, all the blues are fighting. But the distance shot makes it more harmonious. Unfortunately in the distance shot I have to look at the pants. Rob, I know you like the tighter shorter jacket, but this looks much better on you.
Standing in for me, as I might not make it. Team USA Croquet SF Plaid Team
Quote: Originally Posted by Da Luis Vuitton Don hugo boss sports jacket Multi colored RL long sleeve shirt(no logo) Lime Green handkerchief black corduroy black polo canvas sneaks...
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