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I would have bet 1 billion dollars that a certain Billionaire in this thread would have included AE seconds as a frugal tip.
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Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover I don't see how some of the higest votes went to photos that were of children and have nothing to do with this challenge. How can we take these things seriously if they are going to continue to be conducted in such a way. Contrary to popular belief PG and Spoo are not my children.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The fit actually isn't too bad, but I think you need much less waist suppression and much wider trousers. Can you Foof that? I can't see the shoulders being wider. I think the buttoning of the suit is causing some of the unpleasant waist suppression. You can see how the left (wearers right) is bunched up. If the suit was buttoned properly, I thin it would be closer to the right fit.
I'm highly appreciate for the incredibly kind words and the votes, thank you IGents. But, I thought this was a team contest, no? USA vs the World.
I think he looks pretty damn good. I need longer jackets. The unbuttoned cuff only works if the shirt is designed to be worn that way. I think Yf does that very well. His shirt does not look right.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I like the flower. Its concentration online in one forvm is surely not replicated in real life, in which it can be a small affectation that is charming with the right, oh, unbuttoned BDs with neckties. I would agree that a room full of such flowers would be a bit Stepford Wives. That ain't gonna happen, though, except perhaps in one of those SF meet ups that I keep missing. -...
I think you should have had the black challenge next. Also, If you are going to go through the trouble of setting up the challenges, you should have a winner. What team won plaid?
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld also: have you yet identified the vox of pvrseforvm? The Foo of pvrseforvm?
Doc, IMO you are right, the other tie looks much better.
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