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I'm highly appreciate for the incredibly kind words and the votes, thank you IGents. But, I thought this was a team contest, no? USA vs the World.
I think he looks pretty damn good. I need longer jackets. The unbuttoned cuff only works if the shirt is designed to be worn that way. I think Yf does that very well. His shirt does not look right.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I like the flower. Its concentration online in one forvm is surely not replicated in real life, in which it can be a small affectation that is charming with the right personality...like, oh, unbuttoned BDs with neckties. I would agree that a room full of such flowers would be a bit Stepford Wives. That ain't gonna happen, though, except perhaps in one of those SF meet ups that I keep missing. -...
I think you should have had the black challenge next. Also, If you are going to go through the trouble of setting up the challenges, you should have a winner. What team won plaid?
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld also: have you yet identified the vox of pvrseforvm? The Foo of pvrseforvm?
Doc, IMO you are right, the other tie looks much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Wow, I think it looks much better. Did you have the jacket altered or are you just standing differently? Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Is this the first ever case of real life foofing ? Looks good JP Thanks gdl. I think it is the first real foofing. I did not have altered, but I am going to do a little work to it. This is what I did. Different camera...
I think the Sartorialist is from Cleveland.
Trousers were actually charcoal gray, just poor color balance on my part. This is today following the FooFing advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy Tibor, what year is the suit from? Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor I think around 2005 during the short lived 1930's revival by Armani and D&G. Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Is no one going to comment on how exceedingly low the gorge is? I know it's vintage-inspired but damn. That was my way about commenting on the low gorge. I think the...
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