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Spoozy's post has a certain Mr Sam vibe to it. Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy
They were popular during the mid 80's. Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams I guess I know the market price, somewhere around $90. There is no maker label. The seller thought it could be the 50's or 60's, (item 260663914989). I guess the only issue with the value would be that I usually end up putting an additional $50 to $75 into a jacket (sleeves, shoulders) to get it to fit right. Thats why I usually prefer the higher end jackets. Does anyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Deetless Needless Closeup Monday: - B One of the new Dege shirts? I wish I could wear Panta ties!
Big, I think you know what the sweet spot is for items on SF. A few of the more senior posters have said that price already. Usually for used SC, (even if seeing as close to new) they range in the 15% range of retail. But there is also a range that they stay at that which probably would have brought yours closer to the $175 -$200 range. Which personally is what I would have paid for it. Unless of course it was black without vents and included pants, then we are...
TR, check PM JP
Check Buy and Sell on this Forum and Ebay for Ralph Lauren Black Label. That might be up your alley. Better made than Hugo and Under $700 at discount.
R, You know the person who has the answer to this, just ask him. J
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Yes, but it is not as prestigious: the Jessica Biel Pursued by Future Mulholland Bros. Bag Awardâ„¢: - B that's good Vox, I'm expecting you to contribute to this. In full disclosure, I own a security company and plan of creating a "Men of Style Forvm " calendar which will be given out to customers this holiday season. Off to apple picking.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I am pleased to bestow on this thread the Prestigious and Official Jessica Alba on a Bike Awardâ„¢: - B Is there a Jessica Biel Award?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I gotta say Spoo, these challenges are freakin' great. Its an awesome way to take a look at the same idea through so many different individual persepctives. Friday are tough for me though, as after a long week, its almost always spend in jeans, or a more casual outfit. Thank you and it's on Wednesday
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