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I'm reserving my vote until Spoo post.
Diaz,This is so Superb, I'm not even going to comment on the square. [[SPOILER]]
Holdfast pretty much nailed it. Although, I think Butler is trying to come up with challenges that make people look good, not just throw up a crazy sh*t. I really wasn't even entering since I didn't have the required shots and had not time to do. I just posted up because I felt the thread would be empty, and I appreciate the work that goes behind it. IS, thank you for the kind words.
US is about 8% plus fee. Canada much higher.
Namor,Can't see how you would be 47 in FAll my Carmina's are 12 Uk. With the exception of a monk strap cordovan in Forest which is 11.5UKIn order of "huggines"Simpson oxford calf (2)Alcudia Blutcher calf (1)Forest monk cordovan (11.5K) (1)Rain Blutcher boot suede (1)Rain Oxford suede (1)Uetam loafer suede (1)Forest Loafer suede ( need insole) (1)Vass F last oxford 47 (3)
Reading the WSJ article noticed a Matt reference: Another relatively new phenomenon is "spezzato," which literally translates as "broken in two,"
Just so its not empty. One month ago. Different Island, same pants
That's pretty much what I would want as well.
Let's bring this back around. I'm interested in getting these made. The EG Olney in Blue or Clove Suede if Meermin can source it. Any interest? Oh and Terrorsquad, forgot to ask if you can run it!!!
After 2 washes; Alumo - Light Blue University Stripes 140/2
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