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I love the chair. But, I assume you are going to use in the living room blending in with the entertainment area? If so, I feel the incline is way too much. Feels like they are talking to you in your death bed. If it is going into a separate area for you to relax then, great.
May not belong here, but neither does 80% of the conversation, so giving it a go. Thoughts on fireplace? I have something similar and though the bricks are salvaged, I am really leaning towards getting them painted. I do not like solid white colors, but this looks to be a wash of sorts. If anyone has any experience with it?
Matt ,are you considering the Flag Haylard for your place?
Recent arrivals from February Budapest trip.
I'm all about the BASS ..... VASS Greetings from Budapest. Spent a little time last week with our friends at Vass. Had some espresso and talked shoes, and the world of Vass. Reszo had some very kind, well deserved words about Greg, and the success they have had with NMWA. Some pictures for future GMTO inspiration. Oh...and what to wear for a casual weekend in Budapest.
Leave LA, and move to Sweeden. Then, wear most of the things on WAYWN, and you can save a fortune. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/feb/16/abba-outfits-tax-deduction-bjorn-ulvaeus
I went with 2 definite purchase items, and a possible 3rd.1 brown suede chukka Kahn2. Blue suede chukka Kahn3. Was all over the place and no decision was made.Second pick from bottom is a black cap toe with hints of black. It is beautiful, and one of those things only you will know. So nice almost ordered. Would be great with PB's suits.I'm either getting them or austerity brogue in 6154.Or both.
The shoes (or shoe) are not mine. It is a new offering from Vass. Reszo told me that it was about a week or two old. Thought it would be interesting to some members, specially with the current, all things green, craze.Current window displays.Do have couple of more pics, if anyone is interested.-J
New Posts  All Forums: