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Matt, I thought you loved France? I think my old place was more like Versailles.But, you are right, I'm one to hate MCM in the Atomic sense. So far in that room everything is weighted in one direction, But I'm ok with my choices, specifically fabrics.Dining room is not along those lines but might be disliked more.
Thank you FF. Unfortunately rebuilding the fireplace is not an option for me. So that plan is out. I understand about the Akari pendant's. While not my first choice, they are from the original owners and have been in the house for almost 50 years. We haven't been here a year yet, so living with it, see what we think. Also trying to not replace things, while we still need to buy many other things.
Maybe not. I looked around to see if I could find bricks like that else where and was not able to.So lets say I have to paint, wondering if I can get it close to that? I should probably email the designer of the space if I can and ask.BTW, love your woodworking.
My daughters room, all trim was done in white as well as for the closet doors. Once we decide and can afford redoing master bath, attached dressing area closet, that will all be in white, For the rest of the house, it is a tough proposition, since all the rooms kind of link with each other. Once you start, I think I have to do everything. Beams, will be a harder for me to agree to, but I haven't even completed one full year. Thank you for the comments. Hoping to hear...
Sorry, I meant Morocco. Yes, I know it is in the 70's in Marrakech, but not the mountains.
Sorry, entertaining is what I meant to say. You have friends over for cocktails, I don't think I would want to be sitting in the chair with the incline. But I do love the chair.
At the risk of exposing dishonest living, here is a quick iPhone pic. As you can see surroundings are mostly glass. Im staring near entrance, which foyer has brown/ reddish tiles (most limey will be replaced with soap stone or basalt) On the right the wall you can't see is a red oak paneling. Back wall on left is book shelves. Area in front of fireplace will have Beni Ourain rug, in a couple of weeks if it stops snowing in Egypt so they can ship. As you can see i...
I love the chair. But, I assume you are going to use in the living room blending in with the entertainment area? If so, I feel the incline is way too much. Feels like they are talking to you in your death bed. If it is going into a separate area for you to relax then, great.
May not belong here, but neither does 80% of the conversation, so giving it a go. Thoughts on fireplace? I have something similar and though the bricks are salvaged, I am really leaning towards getting them painted. I do not like solid white colors, but this looks to be a wash of sorts. If anyone has any experience with it?
Matt ,are you considering the Flag Haylard for your place?
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