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Has the Kopra Burst, been discussed?
You have moved onto kitchen already? Has the bench been decided? Plenty of areas to hang glass plant things. Plus bonus not MCM.
white marble island , coroian kitchen and back splash.
Thanks Matt.I have been thinking indication for safety and kid part. Plus the clean look.Was concerned about the handful of Maviel I have, plus the organic aspect of cooking with gas. What ever that means.
It's a cool space. Kitchen and baths updated? lefty Kitchen is about 22years old. Exception of the Miele washer and Bosch ovens, maybe 6years. Cooktop and exhaust have to go. Deciding on gas(most likely) or induction.
I dont disagree completely.But you also can't also paint everyone who buys it as having bad taste and money.I did have those discussion with myself about what to get, and maybe why there are no Barcelona's shown. Or maybe after thinking about the feel I thought they were too formal, angular, cold for what I'm trying to get to eventually.But why would the Jasper chairs be better (and I do like them, and could be a possibility instead of the Platners)? Because they are...
Lefty, if I recall from the fly fishing thread, not too far.From in front of the fireplaceFrom opposite location
Matt, I thought you loved France? I think my old place was more like Versailles.But, you are right, I'm one to hate MCM in the Atomic sense. So far in that room everything is weighted in one direction, But I'm ok with my choices, specifically fabrics.Dining room is not along those lines but might be disliked more.
Thank you FF. Unfortunately rebuilding the fireplace is not an option for me. So that plan is out. I understand about the Akari pendant's. While not my first choice, they are from the original owners and have been in the house for almost 50 years. We haven't been here a year yet, so living with it, see what we think. Also trying to not replace things, while we still need to buy many other things.
Maybe not. I looked around to see if I could find bricks like that else where and was not able to.So lets say I have to paint, wondering if I can get it close to that? I should probably email the designer of the space if I can and ask.BTW, love your woodworking.
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