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@Jr Mouse They are the regular size. I like the larger for indoor use upholstered. They are surprisingly comfortable.
Some outdoor stuff. Post a few quick pics to hear how my outdoors looks like it's 1966.
Almost as exciting as ordering @mafoofan
Nakashima Collection; This is geared towards Skinny. Not sure if he knew about this home, in his neck of the woods. I became friends with the family, while working during school. I met them after this tragedy But then they rebuilt. Had the second largest collection of Nakashima. This is from when...
I think the issue is with it being at a 90 Degree angle with the wall, instead of parallel. or SF being SF.
Matt, thanks for posting the pictures.Your new place is too austere for me, but nicely executed. With the exception of the TP holder, which is tragic.Your beach house on the other hand looks heavenly. I just watched Coast Modern again , and your quote above is the message I felt reflected in the documentary.Keep posting, would love to see more.
That's good news. Order still on. Thank you for the quick response.
Luxire, please excuse if this has been asked before, but would you be able to say which fabrics are in stock when you launch them?I ordered 3 shirts from the Albini Launch, to be told that they will not be in stock for 4 months.Thank you.
From my understanding,designers, can do plans for electrical, moving walls, getting permits, decorators cannot. Thus the license. I think, and could be way off, that a majority of architects work with designers. Having a few friends in the different fields, I see what they do,and how they interact with each other.
Adnet mirror. Unfortunately not available in green leather
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