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E zone?
Contemplating the Osvaldo Borsani T160
Before my daughter was born (7.5 years) ago we bought a sofa for the occasion. My friend w 2 kids recommended something I would throw in the garbage in 4-5 years and a color that went with puke. It has been replaced. We also rescued 2 kittens 2 years ago. The Womb chair w Cato did get a little early patina. Kids and pets are a fast track to tears or becoming a Wabi Sabi Master.
Spectacular . Thank you for sharing.A few significant homes are up for sale in New Canaan CT right now.Breur's own home , one of my favorites.http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/628-West-Rd-New-Canaan-CT-06840/57325175_zpid/And not so favorite Johnson househttp://www.zillow.com/homedetails/218-Sleepy-Hollow-Rd-New-Canaan-CT-06840/57327255_zpid/
So I guess the hall way bench problem has been solved as well. Goes great with the light.
I dont know who is trolling me more Foo with the light or those that think he got it.No way do I believe you got that light.That's the ladder set up so it can be taken down and the one you order up. Assuming it didn't break in shipment or wrong color.
@Jr Mouse They are the regular size. I like the larger for indoor use upholstered. They are surprisingly comfortable.
Some outdoor stuff. Post a few quick pics to hear how my outdoors looks like it's 1966.
Almost as exciting as ordering @mafoofan
Nakashima Collection; This is geared towards Skinny. Not sure if he knew about this home, in his neck of the woods. I became friends with the family, while working during school. I met them after this tragedy http://www.nytimes.com/1989/05/24/nyregion/fire-razes-house-with-priceless-furniture.html But then they rebuilt. Had the second largest collection of Nakashima. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/11/14/garden/rebuilding-a-house-from-memory.html This is from when...
New Posts  All Forums: