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Thanks SG. We also have the Schultz1966 set. That lacquered top is really nice too.
Patio set for daughter and friends
I think most things tend to look much better in pictures. Specially after we have had them or a while the novelty wears off.Im going to the SOHO store on Friday and take a look.
I saw them in IDEAT (french design magazine) , in a home and have been debating them ever since. I'm thinking black or midnight blue in the 3/s configuration (90 inches) against a wood paneled wall.
E zone?
Contemplating the Osvaldo Borsani T160
Before my daughter was born (7.5 years) ago we bought a sofa for the occasion. My friend w 2 kids recommended something I would throw in the garbage in 4-5 years and a color that went with puke. It has been replaced. We also rescued 2 kittens 2 years ago. The Womb chair w Cato did get a little early patina. Kids and pets are a fast track to tears or becoming a Wabi Sabi Master.
New Posts  All Forums: