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Oak is expensive right?
http://www.hiddentelevision.com/ Have seen in a couple of hotel rooms and bathrooms.
Fantastic SG!
Was cost posted ?I assume jacket and pant material?thank you.
Two recent pop over shirts.
Hive has them for $707They do offer small designer discount if you have friend.http://hivemodern.com/pages/product7807/grand-prix-wood-legs-arne-jacobsen-fritz-hansen?gclid=Cj0KEQjwoau9BRDMvsnv5MCh24UBEiQAKOqcfTF7CNOAiU18JSue8WrR5_0bJb8oFWb-A_JMbCXdWyMaAlhU8P8HAQ
Results of the auction were insane compared to the estimates. https://www.wright20.com/auctions/2016/07/the-four-seasons
Thanks SG. We also have the Schultz1966 set. That lacquered top is really nice too.
Patio set for daughter and friends
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