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Definitely bench.
I am your size in AE and wear a 8.5UK in the 325.
AE is opening a store in Philly in 2013. It will be nice to have the full line up available for inspection. http://philly.racked.com/archives/2012/12/12/allen-edmonds-suit-supply-coming-to-center-city-philadelphia.php
Soon to be in Philadelphia ... http://philly.curbed.com/archives/2012/11/27/confirmed-suitsupply-will-open-in-february-at-16th-and-locust.php#more
This is easily accomplished by any decent shoe repair guy. I recently had some AE belts shortened - $15 a piece.
I got a copy through the mail a few days ago. Not terrible, many short features (1-3pp) on personalities and some look-back pieces, good quality print/paper. I spent an hour with it (versus about 10 minutes for the average GQ issue). Nothing I would hold on to long term.
I have purchased form these guys -- very good quality reproductions. ... http://www.charlestonhardwareco.com/cgi-bin/agoracart55/agora.cgi?cart_id=%%cart_id%%&cartlink=index.html
I believe that the Tiger branded shoes are fashion oriented versus the standard Asics shoes which are for sports. Back in the day (70s), Onitsuka Tiger was a pretty big name in sports shoes but with the creation of Asics the brand faded and is only recently been revived to serve as a fashion line.
Check out Operations Research as a major.
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