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Nick, Did they call back existing stock or allow it to sell out? I have 15+ jars and wonder if I have a problem on my hands. Any information is appreciated.
Simpsons out of the UK also has a full line of brushes. I have been using a Chubby 2 for 8 years with no issues and a Major for travel. Lots of options available.
Definitely bench.
I am your size in AE and wear a 8.5UK in the 325.
AE is opening a store in Philly in 2013. It will be nice to have the full line up available for inspection.
Soon to be in Philadelphia ...
This is easily accomplished by any decent shoe repair guy. I recently had some AE belts shortened - $15 a piece.
I got a copy through the mail a few days ago. Not terrible, many short features (1-3pp) on personalities and some look-back pieces, good quality print/paper. I spent an hour with it (versus about 10 minutes for the average GQ issue). Nothing I would hold on to long term.
I have purchased form these guys -- very good quality reproductions. ...
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