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AE is opening a store in Philly in 2013. It will be nice to have the full line up available for inspection. http://philly.racked.com/archives/2012/12/12/allen-edmonds-suit-supply-coming-to-center-city-philadelphia.php
Soon to be in Philadelphia ... http://philly.curbed.com/archives/2012/11/27/confirmed-suitsupply-will-open-in-february-at-16th-and-locust.php#more
This is easily accomplished by any decent shoe repair guy. I recently had some AE belts shortened - $15 a piece.
I got a copy through the mail a few days ago. Not terrible, many short features (1-3pp) on personalities and some look-back pieces, good quality print/paper. I spent an hour with it (versus about 10 minutes for the average GQ issue). Nothing I would hold on to long term.
I have purchased form these guys -- very good quality reproductions. ... http://www.charlestonhardwareco.com/cgi-bin/agoracart55/agora.cgi?cart_id=%%cart_id%%&cartlink=index.html
I believe that the Tiger branded shoes are fashion oriented versus the standard Asics shoes which are for sports. Back in the day (70s), Onitsuka Tiger was a pretty big name in sports shoes but with the creation of Asics the brand faded and is only recently been revived to serve as a fashion line.
Check out Operations Research as a major.
lose the tag
I would make sure you have everything in writing from the seller including a right to return the watch if it is not what he states it to be. You'll need someone to open the back to confirm what is on the inside, ideally this is someone familiar with the brand -- this is worth a trip to your local metropolis if necessary. At your price point I assume this is a mechanical watch, you might consider having its first service (usually every 5 years) done by the manufacturer....
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