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A year later my tag looks the same after two test feedings.I'd say you got a fake
Here's my largely unused luggage tag that I had sitting in a drawer that I test-fed today using SAB's feeder (not had any issues case-wise). I'd say there's a major problem somewhere in your case. Sure you didn't mistakenly switch the feeding compound with something else you had sitting around? Also, anyone have any answers re the shoulderstrap pad I posted in a while back?
Asked this question before in a separate thread a while back, got no reply: Is there a matching (Tan), better padded shoulder pad that I could easily pick up somewhere?
A lot of the makers who follow the SAB template for document bags appear to put the same utterly useless shoulder strap pads on their straps. Does anyone know of a viable replacement that actually does work as a pad? I'd considered going custom for the replacement but surely there must be something off the shelf that matches the style...? Would prefer if available in the UK< but if not I'm OK ordering from the US.
Guess not....
Arrgh help me SFers ... if you can. I have a jacket I like. It's Etaproof. Was getting a bit non-proof / shaggy, so I contacted the cloth maker. They recommended I reproof it using Nikwax, and I followed the instructions. The jacket went horribly (and unevenly) shiny. Furthermore, it developed a stickiness so that it collects every single bit of lint, dust and fluff around making it look incredibly scruffy. The clothing maker then suggested washing it once without any...
I really liked what 36 Recyclab did with Addict in 2011 http://www.addict.co.uk/item/Item_ADDICTX36RECYCLAB-BASELAB_1378_0_755_1.html But they were already sold out by the time I got on it. Can anyone recommend me tees and outerwear that might have the same sort of design vibe? Yeah I know it's a bit Designer's Republic but I still like that sort of crap.
Care instructions point to get it re-proofed after a certain number of washes. I'm approaching that, and even before that it's kind of looking a bit 'wrong' - the fabric looks very rough with grey-ish patches (fabric is black), unless I smooth it down (or rather up in this case).
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